Raw Footage Of Illinois Tornado

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

Some very crazy weather in Illinois.More storms to come tonight. These storms are moving east, to Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The damage is very extensive and covers a wide area. Please stay vigilant and prepared for bad weather, if you live in the risk areas.

According to Rueters:

A large tornado touched down outside Peoria, Illinois, on Sunday as an expansive storm threatened parts of the Midwest, U.S. meteorologists said.  

“A confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado” was spotted near Washington, Illinois, located about 145 miles southwest of Chicago, the National Weather Service said, noting that the twister was moving northeast at about 55 miles per hour.

The weather service advised that it would affect mainly rural areas, with mobile homes likely to be destroyed and trees likely to be uprooted or snapped.

It was not immediately clear what, if any, damage resulted from the storm.

The tornado emerged out of a large weather system bringing thunderstorms to parts of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky, the weather service said.


2 thoughts on “Raw Footage Of Illinois Tornado

  1. Systematic destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems and environment is also carried out by the global superpowers, causing continuous destruction from an unstable climate which they have inadvertently created and yet deny they have done so, leaving the blame in limbo and the consequences to a population of vulnerable people who have been told that city destroying tornadoes and flooding are normal and that they should just be good and suffer it rather than upset the apple cart. Written by Michio Kaku, Physicist.
    It’s these bottom feeders creating weather extremes.

  2. New Law, when major weather happens, the PUBLIC gets to see what electronic operations were in effect just before, and the bastards that did it held responsible.

    Oh well, I can dream at least.

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