Rock Hill Police Excessive Force Video, Woman Assaulted, DOJ Investigative Video

Sep 22, 2020

This video is being leaked of just one of the many Excessive Force cases pending against the Rock Hill, SC Police department.
Todays victim is Patricia Pizer a world famous video game designer, a woman with no criminal history, According to several internal reports from QT the service station where the incident happened, and inter department emails from the Rock Hill police department, Ms Pizer was asked to go into a bathroom at the QT to assistance male staff at the QT go into the woman’s bathroom as a woman (trans) was threatening to harm herself.

This then went outside where officer hernandez, which dispatch made clear this was a call was for help for a person harming themselves, arrives on scene and immediately claims he’s there for a domestic dispute. Officer Hernandez then proceeds to place people in handcuffs without advising they are being detained, DOJ found this is against department policy, Ms Pizer who was asked to assist by QT staff, then simply attempts to ask officer hernandez what’s going on, she tries to explain the situation, you see officer hernandez bump ms. pizer.

officer hernandez then yell at ms pizer to leave or be arrested, Ms pizer at this point was filming with her cellphone the incident, officer hernandez then tells ms pizer to leave or be arrested, ms pizer attempts to walk away as the video completely shows, the officer then rushes ms pizer and assaults here.

South Carolina Law allows for citizens to resist and unlawful arrest, even with deadly force.
Officer Hernandez slammed Ms. Pizer Face into the concrete breaking her teeth, dislocation of her shoulder, and other medical injuries.
Upon a statement obtained by Govt Leaked Videos, ms pizer spoke with DOJ and has not been able to work since this incident, she now suffers from severe ptsd, A former PBA sizeable yearly donator, Ms Pizer tells and investigator she feels betrayed by law enforcement through this incident.

Ms. Pizer legal team looks to file a civil case against the Rock Hill Police, and the City.
Officer Hernandez has Several Excessive force complaints against him as of 2020.
The District Attorney is still holding a resisting arrest over Ms. Pizer, even when a magistrate judge at arraignment dismissed all other charges as “nonsense” having “no merrit” the video doesn’t lie.

it seems the city of Rock Hill is looking to protect this officer who has a history of violence all the way back to his exit from the air force for what a investigative memo states is Unlawful Touching “sexual assault” of another Airmen.
So before the department comes out with how great this officer is, we need to look at his entire Character.

This officer wanted a confrontation, this officer wanted this, Officer Hernandez broke department policy, and violated the law.

As someone that had access to this video, the truth needs to be out there.
This Officer should be fired. The city of Rock Hill residents are at risk, this could happen to you.

One thought on “Rock Hill Police Excessive Force Video, Woman Assaulted, DOJ Investigative Video

  1. Unreal!! this bastards have NO business being PUBLIC SERVANTS! yes, that is what they were ORIGINAL hired for to serve and protect the citizens of that city, THIS Asshole is totally abusing and trampling all over her rights!!! THIS is a good lesson to NEVER HELP THIS PIGS FOR ANYTHING AND NEVER! EVER “GET” INVOLVED? I hope she can sue the city for this horrible incident that should have never happened.

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