Rosenberg Police Facing Lawsuit After Claim Of Excessive Force

ABC 13 News

Cell phone video shows police arresting Christine and Steven Saenz in July 2014. However, the video does not show what led up to the incident.

The couple says they were sitting in a truck outside their daughter’s home after an argument with her. According to Christine, police forced her out of the truck.  

“All I remember was fear, all I remember was fear,” Christine told abc13.

As officers tried to restrain her husband, she attempted to get up.

“It was like when a wrestler body slams you,” she said. “I don’t remember anything else.”

In the video, Steven Saenz was hit as he attempted to get up.

“I mean all I could feel was punches all over,” he said. “My face was swollen up big time.”

Rosenberg police would not comment on the video.

3 thoughts on “Rosenberg Police Facing Lawsuit After Claim Of Excessive Force

  1. The pigs aren’t going to change their brutal ways until they get their asses kicked right up to the gallows.

    1. True. As has been noted many times, lawsuits against the pigs only punish the taxpayers. The pigs need to feel personal consequences for their thuggery.

  2. *** …the video does not show what led up to the incident. ***

    It doesn’t have to. If an arrest video shows more force being used than necessary AT THAT TIME to take someone into custody, then the pigs have committed a crime, regardless of what happened before the video.

    Too many Americans are ignoramuses who believe that the police have the authority to punish crime. E.g., “That burglar ran from the cops, so he deserved the beating he got when they caught him.” No, you morons: the burglar deserves to go to prison, and the pigs deserve to be in there with him for violating the Bill of Rights. Since the pigs won’t get sent to prison, extrajudicial punishment would be justified.

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