Sharon Stone Blasts #MeToo: Ruining Lives Over ‘Stupid And Awkward’ Sexual Advances

The Daily Wire – by Paul Bois

Former sex icon Sharon Stone feels the #MeToo movement has gone to excessive lengths at times and has ruined lives over a few “awkward” sexual advances.

Speaking with Marc Maron on his “WTF” podcast, Stone defended actor/director James Franco against accusations of sexual misconduct. Having worked with him on last year’s “The Disaster Artist,” Stone said she was “appalled” by what happened to him, describing Franco as a “kind friend.”  

“I’m appalled by this thing about him that is happening. Now all of a sudden he’s a bad guy? I worked with him, I know him,” Stone said. “He’s the loveliest, kindest, sweetest, elegant, nicest man. He’s a kind friend, lovely professional. I’m absolutely appalled by this.”

The actress described #MeToo as functioning as a sort of public kangaroo court, where men are destroyed “without due process.”

“I don’t feel like these trials without due process are entirely appropriate,” she continued. “I feel that it’s appropriate that people have to take responsibility for the actions, but I do feel that some due process is in order. There’s a range of activities. And you can’t charge somebody with a felony over a misdemeanor.”


The Daily Wire

2 thoughts on “Sharon Stone Blasts #MeToo: Ruining Lives Over ‘Stupid And Awkward’ Sexual Advances

  1. Well according to our punk ass President
    We don’t need due process anymore

    Unless his ass is on the line

    1. Yeah, and I can’t seem to calm down over his Due Process comment. That was going for the jugular.

      A quote I recently came across:

      “Trump’s nationalism is just a ruse to enlist Americans in a suicidal war for Israel. Trump is a demagogue and a huckster. … We are morally culpable because we tolerate gangster government.”
      — Henry Makow


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