7 thoughts on “Shocking surveillance footage shows fatal ATM shooting in Miami

  1. Your Right Katie. For some reason I had the impression that he survived. That said. The poor guy didn’t pay attention to what was going on around him. Besides that, using an atm is asking for trouble, and not packing is not good either. Sad.

  2. As convenient as they are, I’ve never thought ATM’s were a good idea. Can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel vulnerable there; always sensed a lurking something behind me. Much as I expand my peripheral vision, I cannot see all the way behind my head. ATM’s are an invitation to crime: theft, assault, murder.


  3. If I am to use an ATM
    I only use the ones I can drive my Vehicle up to
    Or inside a store I’m going to
    And I’m armed even than
    Infact I’m always armed

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