Israeli Puppet Trump Wish Comes True – Brutal Palestinian Clash On Border

American puppet on a string, Donald Chump, has managed to light off a brutal clash between the Palestinian people and the American Jew overlords on the Israeli border. Estimated deaths so far around 13 Palestinians, shot and gassed by Jews eager to steal more land, pathetically sanctioned by the United States.

By inconceivably making Jerusalem the capital, the inevitable has now happened. Donald Trump, you’re a blight, a pustule upon the American National heritage. As many of us in America feel for the Palestinian people, we watch as our useless military does nothing as innocent people are slaughtered. Many wonder what the hell our useless military are good for. Young men and women doing nothing as America watches innocent Palestinians being slaughtered. ORDERED by traitorous generals, and American leaders are sucking the Jew tit.  

The world now watches and wonders how such a minuscule country, with such vile intent, can command such obedience from a country founded on principles of fighting tyranny, hatred of sucking from the king’s tit, and frankly tired of the Jew trash running rampant, demanding obedience, killing those in their way.

It will be interesting to see how far Israel, backed by American money and weapons, will take this illegal land grab, and how our CHUMP IN CHIEF handles this nightmare as the Palestinian people rightly demand Jerusalem be given back its solidarity from the Jew.

2 thoughts on “Israeli Puppet Trump Wish Comes True – Brutal Palestinian Clash On Border

  1. But that’s okay, says many American Christians…that way, when Satan comes as the anti-Christ to sit in the temple in Jerusalem, “we will have been raptured by then!” Which is why so few American Christians couldn’t care less if Palestinians–including Christians!–get genocided.

    Would this kind of atrocity be happening had Yitzak Rabin not been assassinated with Netanyahu’s blessing (see the move ‘Rabin the Last Day’ as Benny the Yahoo approves of his murder to a protest by Talmudists and settlers over Rabin signing the Oslo Accord with Arafat)? Only God knows.

  2. Thank you, Mark, for this passionate sounding out. The American silence on this is deafening. Iz and us making a mess. I guess they needed their own Good Friday massacre.



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