9 thoughts on “Should I Verbally Warn The Intruder?

  1. The answer to this question is yes, in this order; BOOM (the report of a firearm), I have a gun and I’ve called 911.

  2. I will watch it after Trenches, but from the title, I would say hell no, no warning. If you are an “intruder” you know that you are wrong and will get serviced with a mag of whatever is handy.

  3. If you are in my home uninvited, your only warning already should have been that little voice in your head telling you that it is a bad idea. Your presence already indicates you wish to do me harm in some way, shape or form and I am not obliged to afford you niceties when you have already disrupted and inconvenienced me in my own personal abode and private property, you POS?! This guy can’t be serious. He’s got as much testicular fortitude as the nra and oathkeepers.

  4. you have a duty to give a warning.
    the warning goes something like “F’ing Die!” – then you fire/use your blade etc.

    another question may be, “do i need to call the police afterwards”
    my personal opinion is NO, the situation has been dealt with.

    in many country’s including the one i’v spent the last 5 years in (UK) you can go to prison for atacking an intruder even if you just punch them in the head!
    unless you can prove you were defending yourself AND NOT THE PROPERTY – you are guilty of violent assault!

  5. So, he is just going to ask him to leave! In what language? That is about the most ignorant thing I have heard all day.

  6. Clearly warn intruder with the sound of safety switch being made to the off position.

    Clearly warn intruder with warning shots, and if clip only holds 6 shots, these 6 shots should be fired to empty the clip as to not cause the intruder undo duress that there might be more warning shots.

    If intruder attempts to leave while warning shots are being fired, intruder should be peacefully brought back into home to continue firing warning shots until clip is emptied. After firing all warning shots in attempt to have intruder comply to a citizen’s arrest, garbage disposal in sink as an alternative weapon of self-defense should be considered, unless hogs are available, and then hogs would be used.

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