This Is Why We Recommend Carrying Even While Inside Your Own Home

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A few months ago, we asked the question: Should you carry while at home? This recent home invasion is one of many examples that shows us just how quickly your day can change, and helps to answer the question for those who decide to put their firearms away when they get home.

Two lowlifes broke into a home in Pittsburgh that just had a new security system installed which included video cameras. Some of the crime, including the break-in, was caught on the camera.  

“And I looked and there was a guy,” she said. “He had a mask on and a gun pointed to me, and I was in shock and just stood there. I don’t know why, but I got up and turned toward the back of my house and tried to go downstairs.”

The two armed intruders left with money and a laptop, but not before pistol-whipping the son. They have yet to be found, and the woman is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can identify the men.

Before she knew it, there were two strangers in her home looking for trouble. What if she, or another occupant of the home, were carrying a firearm that they could have used to defend themselves against the evil that presented itself? The playing field would have been a little more even if that were the case.

4 thoughts on “This Is Why We Recommend Carrying Even While Inside Your Own Home

  1. Yeah, what if YOU had a gun, who knows? (1:37) Protect YOURSELF, you spineless sheep and hope you realize NOW that a video camera or a pig doesn’t protect you, they only documents crimes after they happen. Spend your $1000 on a gun and some ammo and TCB yourself.

  2. I had a business partner who wanted $1000s of security system and cameras but REFUSED to let anyone posses a firearm on company property. His jew a$$ is no longer a business partner.

    I have security cameras(I use to see who is where) and alarms (to make an intruder work faster and sloppier) but the very much loaded gun behind the counter(that has its bolt removed when I lock up) seems to let people know I am armed. The “rally point” pictorial on the front window and the “Cascadia Irregular Militia” banners on the walls dont hurt either.
    People ask why I have it and if im scared or something. I say its there to protect everyone from anything and NO i am not scared. I have extra mags under the reinforced/bullet resistant counter.

    If you dont carry at home, how do you try new and different configurations? in public?

  3. I carry everywhere all the time
    The only time I don’t have a gun on me is when I’m naked
    But it’s close by

  4. Yes, my nephew was over the other day and said, “What good would that gun do you if a friend turned on you right here, in your own house?” I lifted the hat on the table next to me and said, “Any questions?”

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