Simple plant kills up to 98% of cancer cells – and stops diabetes

My Nature’s Medicine – by Robert J. Rowen, MD

I’m always looking for natural substances that throw a “monkey wrench” into the peculiar metabolism of cancer cells. It’s vital these substances kill cancer cells and leave normal cells untouched. I’ve told you about some of my discoveries in the past. They include resveratrol, green tea, Seanol, and others. But today I’m going to tell you about another plant that safely starves cancer cells as efficiently as a powerful chemo drug. In fact, it even works on pancreatic cancer cells, which are particularly difficult to kill.  

This plant is a common vegetable from Asia called “bitter melon.” It is popular among the long-lived population of Okinawa, Japan.

Bitter melon juice diluted to just 5% in water showed remarkable potency in severely damaging all four pancreatic cancer cell lines researchers tested. The bitter melon reduced the viability of two cancer cell lines by 90%, while it knocked off the other two lines by a staggering 98%. And it did so after just 72 hours of treatment!In the past, I’ve told you about apoptosis. That’s nature’s way of dealing with wayward cells. They simply kill themselves. Bitter melon juice induced this programmed cell death along several different pathways. And even better, it also activated a pathway, which shows that it knocks out the cancer cells’ metabolism of glucose. In other words, it literally starved them of the sugar they need to survive.

Do these lab dish studies apply to living animals? A resounding yes! University of Colorado researchers gave mice bitter melon at doses easily achievable in humans. The animals had a 64% reduction in pancreatic tumor size without side effects! This level of effectiveness beat the most commonly used chemo drugs for this lethal cancer.

The dose used in mice translates to 6 grams of powder for an average-sized adult (75 kg). Big Pharma is rushing to find patentable petrochemicals to achieve what God put into the bitter melon fruit. It baffles Big Pharma that a simple plant can starve cancer cells of their fuel. You don’t need any fancy chemicals to make it happen.What’s more, the actions of bitter melon may help diabetics as well. Researchers recently found that bitter melon ameliorates metabolic syndrome by its beneficial effects on glucose metabolism.

This is wonderful news. We won’t beat cancer by any one approach. I believe it must be multifocal. In other words, beef up the immune system, detoxify, eliminate dental infections and toxic dental materials, alkalinize your body, oxidize the body with oxidation therapy, and give specific nutrients to throw a monkey wrench into cancer’s peculiar metabolic pathways.

All cancer cells show disturbed energy production utilizing inefficient glucose fermentation. Bitter melon may be a huge pipe wrench to uncouple cancer’s wayward energy production. You can find bitter melon at most health food stores and online.Yours for better health and medical freedom,

REF: Science News

15 thoughts on “Simple plant kills up to 98% of cancer cells – and stops diabetes

  1. well i like to share this to facebook but this new “like” doesn’t work so much for promoting fromthetrenches….

      1. Equally effective. Same thing, different format.

        I just recently boosted my intake from 25 kernels a day to 30.

        1. i weigh 170 and try to take 20 a day. why did you increase your consumption? also where to you get your kernels, and how much does it cost. hopefully not from cali.

          1. kernels from California? what about fukushima radiation content from west coast plant material?

          2. Fukushima is global, not simply limited to the West coast. Impossible to avoid. Unless you cover yourself with lead foil, the only other option is to negate it , or eliminate it.

            Alpha lipoic acid eliminates it – flushes it from the system.

  2. Ahh…!!! Yes. My wife showed me this vegetable when I was in China. Never knew what the English name was for it but you can find it at your local Chinese grocery store if you live near a Chinatown area. They say it is very good for weight loss and can keep you healthy and fit.

    But I gotta warn you, it tastes extremely bitter just like they say it is and not many can acquire the taste for it as it is bitter all the way down from the moment you start chewing to the after taste. Even I can only eat a little bit of it before I go running for something sweet to wash it down with.

    As to whether it can cure cancer cells, I haven’t heard anything on that, but it is definitely up there as far as Asian remedies are concerned. People eat and talk about it all the time in China.

    1. Ya know NC, the real problem that I have with herbal medicine is that they have so damned many different names for the same herbal 🙁 . I know you know what I mean, like green tea is ” Camellia sinensis ” a simple pant, it just depends on what part of the plant you are useing but why can`t they just use one name for one herbal? It would sure make thing easier. 🙂

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