Support the Hammonds – Convoy, Rally, March & Protest

Bundy Ranch

Saturday January 2nd 2016 – Burns Oregon


Convoy – 10am -Those wanting to travel together will rendezvous at Wilco in Bend on hwy 20 (Wilco, 2717 NE Hwy 20, Bend, OR 97701) Patriot Convoy from Bend to Burns

Rally – 12 pm – Meet at the Safeway in Burns. (Safeway, 246 W. Monroe St., Burns, OR 97720) arrive around 12:00pm. Bring flags, flowers, banners and homemade signs.

March – Right after rally – We’ll march from Safeway, north on past the Sheriffs/County offices, head east to downtown main street (Broadway) and stop by the Hammond’s home, drop off flowers in front of their home.

Protest – During the march – Bring coins (pennies, nickles & dimes), as we march past the Sheriff & County building we will flip thousands of coins on the walkways, sending the message to County leaders that they have failed to do their duty in protecting the people of Harney County from the federal government and instead have sold the people out.

– Contact your friends and groups to plan a sign-making event in your respective areas between now and the 2nd of January. We should have a good turn out, support our neighbors, and rally once again. We will be calling media outlets to let them know that Americans will be gathering in Burns to support the ranchers that are being treated like terrorists.

For the Fact & Events in the Hammond case go to:

This event is being organized by the Oregon III% :

12 thoughts on “Support the Hammonds – Convoy, Rally, March & Protest

  1. To hell with throwing money at them. Lengths of rope and used unreloadable steel cases would send a better msg. Protest is begging your master and only gives them something to laugh about during their stripper/cocaine parties.

  2. Yes, throw money at them! That’ll make ’em behave. WTF? Throw your dimes, nickels, and pennies, but absolutely no quarters, 50 cent pieces, or silver dollars allowed! 😆 Duh!

    “Well Sheriff, I’ll bring my wheelbarrow and scoop shovel and clean this mess up in no time. Let’s see, the Bank’s right down the street, it’ll be lickity-split! I’ll do it and you don’t need to pay me!”

      1. I don’t know Katie, I just don’t think throwing money at them, even if it is only dimes, nickels, and pennies, sends the right message. It’s stupid!

        “Bring any gold and silver you may have laying around and throw that at us too! Any paper currency you wish to throw at us should be secured with a paper weight.”

  3. Rallying, marching and protesting has never and will never accomplish anything. Its just a waist of time, and money…
    Also, it seems that it was organized by a communist hippie.

  4. Want to send a message? BOYCOTT them at tax time. BOYCOTT traffic fines. Anything that supports these officials. Do not pay into a system that pays people to abuse you and your rights. And then don’t keep electing them. Find a candidate to run as a constitutional sheriff.
    When a lot of people refuse to cooperate, forced compliance becomes overwhelming. Sure, a few will be targeted but they can’t get everyone.
    Use your money to support the defense of those targeted. Work together. Be a community that stands up for itself before the fact, not protesting about it afterwards.
    Put your money where it matters, not where you are told.

  5. I’d go there if I could to check out the atmosphere, find out the ideals of the folks there, and the Hammond’s. I don’t give a hoot about protesting, it’s past that.
    If the people there aren’t with you, you don’t have ship! There were a few flyers posted there that stated “Militia Go Home”, don’t know who did it though.
    I suppose the Hammond’s may need some help with the ranch if the two are taken.

      1. Perhaps Katie. The other “if” is the media, I trust me. Don’t have the disposable fraud to go anyway let alone someone to help take care of the animals.
        Besides, if in Oregon, I’d have to find and shake hands with a few of the Trenchers. 🙂

  6. Any money you send them will just end up in the pockets of the government or lawyers. The government loves this scam. Shunning can work if you can get the people to work together. The government knows this. That is why the government keeps the sheeple fighting between them selves.

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