Syria Civil War Goes Regional!, Iraq Attacks FSA Inside Syria, Help Assad Forces Retake Border Checkpoint

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

  1. Reports that the Iraqi army assisted Syrian army in regaining control over the crossing between Syria and Iraq from FSA control.

  2. Al Arabiya reporting that Iraq’s armed forces are shelling regions inside #Syria

The Iraqi army has reportedly shelled Free Syrian Army positions inside Syria near the border with Iraq. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Iraq was helping Syrian government forces regain control of a border checkpoint seized by the insurgency.

Syrian troops have recaptured the Al-Ya’robiya checkpoint on the border with Iraq on Friday night. According to witness reports on Twitter, Iraq’s armed forces moved in to help with the operation and shelled the border post, which was held by the rebels.

An Al-Arabiya correspondent also confirmed that targets inside Syria had been shelled while Iraqi snipers took positions near the crossing. Massive reinforcements have also been deployed in Baghdad near the Syrian border, the correspondent said.

For the first time, Iraqi forces opened fire on Syria shelling the positions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) days after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned that a victory of the Syrian opposition would spread chaos in the region.

Al Arabiya correspondent near the Syrian-Iraqi border reported that Iraqi snipers took up positions on buildings near the Rebiya crossing while others forces shelled the positions of the Free Syrian Army.

The correspondent said that large reinforcements were being deployed by the Maliki government in Baghdad near the Syrian borders.

Lets have a look at the size of the Iraqi Military:

Iraqi Air Force has approx. 200 aircraft and 14,000 personel. The Iraqi Army has 300,000 combat personel organized into 14 divisions with 4 brigades each.  If Maliki decided he was going to throw all his weight into this, the Iraqi Army could have a signifigant impact on the outcome of the conflict.  At the same time, they could also better their standing and decrease tensions with the Kurds by showing the Kurdish Forces (YPG) in Syria no ill will and leave them alone.  It remains to be seen if this is an isolated incidient but Maliki has ordered signifigant reinforcements to the Syria border.  At the same time, Lebanon is building towers along the Syrian border to help protect their territory while Hezbollah continues itsinvasion of Syrian controlled FSA territory near the Lebanese border. Stay tuned..  -Mort

3 thoughts on “Syria Civil War Goes Regional!, Iraq Attacks FSA Inside Syria, Help Assad Forces Retake Border Checkpoint

  1. Talk about unintended consequences. Sadly. Iraq’s internal security is in shambles due to the illegal American – Israeli invasion of 2003.

  2. Apparently the Zionist-run occupation forces are no longer in complete control in Iraq.


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