Tensions high at Catalonia independence protests

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Oct 21, 2019

(16 Oct 2019) Protesters in Barcelona threw hundreds of white paper toilet rolls into the air on Wednesday to show their anger over lengthy prison sentences given to separatist Catalan leaders.
The demonstration was being attended by tens of thousands in the Catalan capital Wednesday evening, on the third straight day of protests since the Supreme Court handed down the sentences.
Organisers say the toilet rolls are being thrown because “there is a lot that needs cleaning up.”
Hundreds of police are on standby for violence, after more than 200 people were injured in clashes that erupted in Barcelona and other Catalan towns.
Pere Ferrer, director of Catalonia’s regional police, says authorities are expecting further clashes with separatist radicals.
The Catalan leaders were convicted for their part in an October 2017 effort to achieve the region’s independence.

One thought on “Tensions high at Catalonia independence protests

  1. Spain collects 21 percent of their country’s taxation scheme from Catalonia.

    They can’t afford for them to secede… big mammon exits with them.

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