Cops Shoot Unarmed Peaceful Man in the Face with Pepper Spray Balls, Sic K9, Beat Him

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Santa Maria, CA — Disturbing video was posted to Facebook this week which is causing a firestorm of controversy as it shows multiple Santa Maria police officers using an insane amount of force against an unarmed man who appeared to be trying to comply with their commands. 

According to police, officers pulled over the man in the video for suspicion of driving under the influence after he made several traffic violations. What should have been a routine traffic stop, however, quickly morphed into an unnecessary standoff between a half dozen heavily armed cops, their K9, and an unarmed harmless and confused man.

“All of a sudden we heard police sirens that were coming our way. Shortly after that, we saw two cars and I thought maybe they were going to some sort of emergency,” said one resident in the area. But it was no emergency, it was just a confused unarmed man kneeling down in the street and multiple cops who appeared to be too afraid to approach him.

The video was taken from a bystander who watched the incident unfold in front of her home. As the video shows, police are barking multiple orders at the man who is on his knees—with his hands in the air, trying to comply. A half dozen cops all have the unarmed man at gunpoint as their dog continues bark, creating an intense and hard to respond to situation.

The man then complies with the officers’ orders to lie face down on the ground but because his hands aren’t exactly where they want them all hell breaks loose. As the video shows, the man is lying on the ground, face down, when an officer decides to start firing rounds of pepper spray balls at his face.

The savage decision shoot the unarmed man in the face with pepper spray balls caused him to lift up his head in pain which set off a chain reaction of police violence.

When the man lifted up his head, multiple cops then jumped on him and began punching and shoving him around. All the while, police are yelling at the man to “stop resisting” as if it is super easy just to lay still as multiple cops shoot chemical weapons at your face and punch you.

As the man wriggles around, likely in excruciating pain, the K9 officer decides that he wants some of the action. Without any need whatsoever, the officer then forces the K9 to begin shredding the unarmed man’s ankle as this was the only spot on his body not covered by a cop.

After savagely beating, pepper spraying, and mauling the unarmed man, the video then ends.

Naturally, police are reassuring the public that this video “only shows part of the story.”

“I think something to consider is that that video is just a small portion of the big picture, said Lt. Jesse Silva. [The department] will investigate it from a standpoint of tactics, training, and equipment, to see if our officers used the proper tactics.”

The man’s fate is currently unknown. However, we do know that this entire violent incident only resulted in the arrest of an unarmed man for DUI and, you guessed it, resisting arrest.

According to KEYT, SMPD always launches an investigation whenever use of force is involved. The investigation could take a couple of weeks. Lt. Silva said the report will be sent to the Chief of Police for review. He will ultimately decide whether any policies were violated, and if the officers involved should face consequences.

We won’t be holding our breath.

Below is this most disturbing video.

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2 thoughts on “Cops Shoot Unarmed Peaceful Man in the Face with Pepper Spray Balls, Sic K9, Beat Him

  1. “Because I said so, crawl, crawl, crawl.”

    The She-Beast gives her command. Ugly and Cruel she waits to kill and feast on her deed of conquering. The He-Demons complete the job.

    What a terrible thing to do to a dog. What a horrifying thing to do to that man. What an horrendous thing to do to humanity.

    G*d damn it.


  2. “Naturally, police are reassuring the public that this video “only shows part of the story.”


    It didn’t show the pigs all high fiving each other afterwards.

    Tick, tock, motherf$&kers.

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