Texas Sheriff Expects Border Is About To Be Overrun

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NBC News suddenly had an epiphany Monday, realising that when Joe Biden lifts the Title 42 health authority on migrants crossing into the U.S., there will be a massive surge at the border.

The network filed a report on the border at McAllen, Texas, with border agents warning that the numbers of migrants attempting to cross is about to double when health restrictions are lifted next month.

Agents estimate that 221,000 crossed in March, and noted that there are hundreds of thousands more just waiting for restrictions to ease.

Hidalgo County, Texas Sheriff Eddie Guerra, interviewed during the report said that he has been warned to expect that the border could be overrun.

Describing how he and his deputies are preparing, Guerra said “We’re talking about deputies dressed in their riot gear with their shields and their helmets and batons to keep the crowd at bay.”

“We’re asking them to reconsider, you know, lifting the Title 42,” Guerra further stated.


Former Obama Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson warned last week that unmanageable numbers of illegal immigrants will pour across the southern border if the Biden Administration lifts the Title 42 public health authority.

The measure, which Biden intends to scrap in May, has effectively served as border control, allowing federal immigration officials to swiftly return around two million illegal immigrants to their home countries over the past two years.

Without it, it is conservatively estimated that numbers of migrants reaching the border will increase three fold to 18,000 per day.

Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs warned that numbers will be even higher than estimated, suggesting that 20,000 to 30,000 could surge the border every day.

“Right now, the [Department of Homeland Security] number is about 8,000 people a day, illegally entering our country,” Biggs said during a podcast, adding “DHS’s number, they say it’s going to be 18,000 a day … I personally think it’s going to be 20,000 to 30,000 a day.”

He explained, “Cartels are already advertising to put together caravans to come across … our communities are going to be overrun … last year, 800,000 people illegally snuck into the country, they were not apprehended, they were the got-aways, we don’t know who they are, where they are from, what their intentions are.”

Regarding lifting Title 42, Biggs said “I think the rationale here is, they’re trying to get this open and bring in as many people as they can before they lose the majority … [in] the House and Senate.”

“I think this is a political ploy, it’s meant to happen. They campaigned on an open border,” Biggs continued, warning“If you think it’s bad now, the tsunami that’s coming is going to be overwhelming.”

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4 thoughts on “Texas Sheriff Expects Border Is About To Be Overrun

  1. We’re not being WARNED that this will happen; we’re being TOLD!! It’s all so slickly orchestrated, and who with eyes cannot see that this is to take down the country, to make it a vassal state of the global hodgepodge.

    That anyone in office is trying to stop this is a lie. For years we’ve heard lip-service, procrastination, and double-speak. All in office are against us. We know it is only the people who can set things right.


  2. What’s the first thing the EFIO has done to every country they have over run ?

    Destabilize the population and it’s government
    The Enemy is inside the gates , and some idiots actually think we can vote our way out of this
    Arm up , ammo up
    This ain’t gonna be a picnic

    Nuff said ?

  3. Breaking out the riot gear? Shields, helmets and batons?! How about you set up all those guys to stop them, and drop them, in their tracks?
    Call Oprah, have their goody bags ready before they leave- cell phone, food stamps, medical insurance card, and the like.

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