4 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory Predictive Programming 2012

  1. This is astounding, and a mockery of the American people. I recently heard someone refer to t.v. as “The jew in the living room.” How long will they continue to tamper with and insult our intelligence? Show-after-show, year-after-year, they’ve placed and continue to place their little warnings, jokes, eventual plans, while all the while thinking we’d never catch on. But we did and we know now and are in full fighting mode.


    1. Don’t wanna burst your bubble friend, but the PCR test has been used for genetic marker tracking for years. Watch some X-Files from the 90’s – they mention PCR testing practically every other episode.

      1. I see. Thank you. So maybe the predictive programming is not the case in this particular instance, but many other times it’s popped up and shown itself. It’s like the plotters are always lurking, not just in the present, but also in the past. Hope to keep them out of the future. 🙂


      2. The person who created the PCR test said that past twenty slides, the test absolutely could not isolate shit. Those who created the covid 19 lie used thirty to forty slides, which shows the accuracy is zero. And covid 19 has never been isolated because it does not exist.
        You are a f-king shill who planted yourself on this site so you could get one shot by confusing the facts.
        F-k the x-files and f-k you.

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