The House Liquor Store Open for Business

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children – by Faye Higbee

The House of Representatives now has its very own House Liquor Store (aka the Pelosi bar). Pelosi has created a liquor store where House members can order booze and have it delivered directly to their offices. While catering services could deliver alcohol for special events, now they can deliver directly to the member’s office. And they can buy bulk. The new service is provided by caterer Sodexo, which offers a “Drinks on Demand” page.

Note: MRAs or Member Representational Allowances are not supposed to be used for private expenses, according to the ethics rules of the House. But apparently for this liquor store, they can.

Members and staff may be reimbursed for food and non-alcoholic beverage expenses incurred while participating in virtual legislative planning sessions. Virtual legislative planning sessions may not occur more than twice in a legislative year.

Members and employees may not be reimbursed for food and beverage expenses related to social activities or social events (e.g., hospitality, receptions, entertainment, holiday or personal celebrations, and swearing-in or inauguration day celebrations).

Members and employees may not be reimbursed for the cost of alcoholic beverages.

Committee on House Administration

The House Liquor store

Nancy Pelosi is well known for her alcohol use. On Congressional Delegations over a two year period, she spent over $100K on booze and food just in the aircraft alone.

One Twitter user remarked: “Great. Congress has trouble functioning now. Liquor will only make it worse. Most employers prohibit workers from bringing liquor on the job except if you are in Congress working for we the people.”

The person is absolutely correct. Very few agencies or companies allow alcohol to be consumed on the job. In the early 70’s when I worked at the police department, the then City Attorney began having cases of alcohol delivered directly to his office. There was a huge uproar. He ultimately resigned over the flap, and took his booze with him.

We know it’s stressful for legislators working in the DC Swamp, but the Pelosi bar is a foolish plan. Sometimes the “perks” of being elected go a little too far.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

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  1. I guess this is her way of having members pass multiple bills quicker before finding out what’s inside them.

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