The REAL Reason Behind Obama’s Bergdahl-Taliban Swap

Published on Jun 3, 2014 by DAHBOO77

The world is a Stage………………..don’t ever forget that!

Forget the ‘Taliban Five’! Obama’s real chance is to free Gitmo’s Cleared 78!
The Bowe Bergdahl-Taliban swap row obscures a new political reality: there are diplomatic solutions for prisoners who have been cleared — and maybe even for closing Guantánamo Bay.…………

3 thoughts on “The REAL Reason Behind Obama’s Bergdahl-Taliban Swap

  1. An excuse to retrieve this jihad garbage that he was ill – I know sick
    when I see it and this ain’t sick. The Pentagon didn’t even have
    Bergdahl listed as a POW. Sure does look like a rouse. Scumbo
    always gets his way thru manipulation.

  2. My scenario- Obama knows 9/11 was a hoax, blamed on peopele of his own religious faith and culture, therefore being loyal to his roots and people, let’s the prisoners go on a supposed swap deal. Another distraction to keep people occupied from the true culprits and that which needs to be done.

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