The Truth About Bill Gates

Summit News – by Paul Joseph Watson

Bill Gates owns 4 private jets and a collection of Porsches which are kept in his 66,000 square foot mansion.

He says beef farming is killing the planet while buying up record amounts of farmland.

A study found him to be a CO2 super-emitter.

But he says YOU need to make sacrifices for zero carbon!

“It’s OK when Bill does it!”

Summit News

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Bill Gates

  1. There is a reason Gates and rest of the criminal psychopathic elites actually believe it is okay for them to pollute the environment like crazy, eat real organic meat while the rest of us are forced to eat GMO or bugs or whatever, and that only they can be above the law that they design to oppress ‘the rest of us’–because, as with Talmudic Jewry, they believe they are gods, and follow the Isaiah 14 “Five ‘I Wills'” (‘I will ascend like the Most High’, and the other four mentioned). No wonder he’s a eugenicist; Talmudic Jewry wants to kill all Christians and enslave all gentiles, while Bill Gates just want to kill ‘the rest of us.’ And I’m sure he does adrenochrome as well, if not actual blood from a sacrificed child.

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