The Word From the Trenches – August 13, 2019

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38 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – August 13, 2019

    1. He doesn’t know how long Henry’s been around, but I’m glad he found him because this guy reaches a lot of younger people, strong people, open people, tired-of-being-fooled people.


    2. Thanks, Bob. This is a very positive thing. Getting people to hear Henry is getting us closer to reclaiming our Bill of Rights. Seems the floodgates are being opened.


      1. I hope Henry addresses this comment from youtube under the video.

        Prof. Lindenbrook
        1 hour ago (edited)
        “I just listened to two of his shows. OMG. Well, he’s an intelligent person, BUT it’s completely marred and masked by his constant really unnecessary F-bombing and gutter mouth swearing. I hope it’s just part of the show, and he doesn’t always cuss like that. He swears like he’s 15, sadly comical – but quickly tiresome. Obviously, NOT a Christian – LOL; I understand his frustration and applaud his pro-gun position, but “accelerationists” like this guy just want to bring on a very destructive 2nd American Civil War with many many deaths.

        It won’t end well, for us… Even IF the civil war was somehow successful – with the economy destroyed… the U.S. might “balkanize” into fragements, and large foreign (nuclear backed countries will come in as the guarantee-ing new overlord “allies”, that back up the fledgling new republics (like the U.S. backed Israel). There are only a few choices (none good): Russia, China, Israel, England, France. This guy keeps stating a lot of Federal Laws, okay… I got one for you HT: “The Confiscation Act of 1862″. Please Google that and check it out. Under this little know (to today’s folks anyways) law against the South – many people lost everything. Heck, even if you were just the Town Clerk in a little backwater place, Union troops could (and did) – come in and help themselves to whatever you have… Over 1 in 4 family’s in Dixie lost a member in the Civil War, in the North, it was only 1 in 20. That leaves a lasting stain that travels down the generations.”

        1. I can assure everybody out there, the words in 1775 weren’t any different. You should have heard the way General Patton spoke. I have family members that served under him, this guy was just like Henry, no bullshit, straight shooter.

          We are involved with one of the most popular sites on net right now, thanks to Henry and Laura.

          1. I hear you Mark. Is this person some religious zealot who doesn’t realize they are at war & speaking softly will somehow stop this war?

            Also, Henry is not accelerating the people into a destructive civil war.
            Far from it, indeed!

            Who ever said Christians don’t drop F-bombs anyway?

            Anyway, the comment pi**ed me off!!!! Henry’s the only guy that I’ve found that hits the pure truth daily, & not a thing wanted in return but his & his people’s Bill of Rights in full force.

            I know you know this as you make it evident in your comments.

          1. excellent Henry! I noticed he replied to your reply

            I commented. I put in a plug for your awesome CD: Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained 🙂

        2. Well….. isn’t this enlightening….

          The only stain that travels down generations… are blood stains.

          Professor……oh … oh my god…….an in in …. in …. in intellectual.

          Sorry I was stuttering on my keyboard.

          How in the fk can I say anything smart now.

          I don’t have a goddamint title ….like …. Dr…..or PHD…….

          I bet this guy always thought that the professor.. was doing Mary Ann and Ginger…on …. Gilligans fantasy pedo island.

          Well.. I do have a title…..

          In front of my name….. goddamint.

          Dr. flee (AKA Mr. Turd)

          Dr. of Tin Foil Hat micro aggression therapy.

          You can lick me on facebook.

          This new fkng spellchuck…

          That’s like me…. on facebook.


          and another gondamint thing i just have to get this offf of my mfkng chest.

          I am sick and fcking tired of that goddamnnnned Youtube…..AI
          Telling me what I like and lining up a bunch of bullsht of crap to watch.

          And FK spull chuck.

          1. Found it! Thanks. 😀
            Tried to give a thumbs up but it said I’d have to create a Google account. 🙁

  1. I love your alligator solution, Henry. As for “Universal Consciousness as a way to solve things… Yeah, that’ll do it. Jus’ think happy thoughts.

    New-age answer
    comes like cancer
    New nirvana,
    crypto manna

    Hare Om,
    protect your home
    to activate
    inner savage
    who will ravage
    all who come
    to take your gun

    A happy thought
    will come to naught
    when monsters dance
    the commie trance

    Fight of fights
    for Bill of Rights
    See tyrant liar
    Aim and fire!!



  2. God knows what epstein or ghishlaine maxwell were really involved in. They likely did a switch body switch while he was in jail. Things are getting really bizarro in this country that much I do know.

  3. So proud of you Henry. It’s so important we support Henry and Laura financially as much as possible, especially right now. ITS UP TO ALL OF US TO KEEP THIS AWESOME SITE ROLLING.

  4. Zombie A- Did you retract your comment or did it just not post. Came into my email, not on this post thought.

    I found your comment interesting because I’ve listened to HT a bit but stopped as there was no substance, imo.

    Perhaps he is changing or he may be as you suspect.

  5. Oh boy, the professor is back at YouTube:

    Prof. Lindenbrook
    2 hours ago (edited)
    @Henry Shivley Sorry, I did not see the rest of your intriguing comments until now – as JooTube was hiding them. Hmm, Re: your statement, Henry: ” We are going to, as is our right and our authority, enforce our Bill of Rights as the ratified law it is, the superior law of this land, representing the jurisdictions of the individual free sovereign nationals for the united States of the Americas to enforce it.”

    Oh really, how are you going to perform this “enforcement” in our nation today, if not by violence and open insurrection? (i.e. – civil war)? Are you going to run for office – then declare marshall law? LOL. (Your whole show seems about hanging traitors, armed conflict, acceleration, and escalation… how will this be carried out?) I’m not a defeatist, but I am a REALIST. And pray tell sir, WHO truly is this 300 million man army? LOL, is that old 80 year old who lives down the street with his jammed up Korean War issue M1 Garand rifle in your platoon too? Are you counting in Antifa as well? It’s just silly, Henry. You and I both know… most all these people will sheepishly lay down their arms when the armored vehicle comes up to the road to their house and deploys the weapon bristling DARPA robot… who then comes up armed and demand the guns… If not, yer house just gets painted for a drone strike. (Shoot all you like at the Darpa-bot, the controllers will be safe and snug in the armored vehicle.) Sadly, this isn’t the 1980s, stop watching “Red Dawn”! Are you going to scream “Wolverines” too? Do you dream of being Patrick Swayze? That’s Joo Hollywood, dude. You need to wake up… The fighters of the Revolutionary War had comparable firepower, American citizens against U.S. Gov. forces? HA HA HA. The level of technology within warfare is now so high, so sophisticated, so totally knowing, it’s exceedingly difficult to hide while living at all in society today… (And hiding is exactly what we’d be doing.) Even deep in the wilderness, high flying drones can pick of the heat signature of chipmunks at 40,000 feet…

    As to your kind close, what type of society would you build? A man who conducts himself in public like this? Who will follow YOU? Will anyone remember your constant vulgarity and crudeness?

    Ephesians 4:29
    “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”


    1. The professor doesn’t understand the level of “constant vulgarity and crudeness” that is staining and straining our lives. If he did he might be willing to lay down his life. How many times has Henry been told that “Our guns are no match for their weapons” and how many times has he come back with his common sense answer regarding our numbers and our methods and tools? The question is so worn out. This professor says he’s “not a defeatist” but he’s given up before he’s even started. Sounds like a shill to me, or maybe just someone content to live as a slave.

      As for his Bible quote… “Corrupting talk” is that which is false and cowardly and adds to a hellish existence, not that which swears at the lies and tyranny oppressing us. Guess he was a real good boy in Sunday School.


        1. Thanks, Katie. I have a special irritation with “professors.” Hardly ever met a one who didn’t think he was the cat’s pajamas, and who was actually pretty stupid, especially PhD’s, the worst!!


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