3 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – August 26, 2022

  1. More slams for Fauci. This is system-generated so it’s riddled with the usual slants and with validating the “virus.” That said, inaccuracies ahead. I post it because it’s showing MSM is getting on Fauci, big time. What’s up their sleeve? And who doesn’t know of the MSM’s unlawfulness in not upholding and fighting for our Bill of Rights. Oh, heads up, the speaker slips in a ad in the last minute or two. Horrible segue.

    Megyn Kelly SLAMS Dr. Fauci and Reveals the Truth About His Lies: “GOOD RIDDANCE!”:




    War, Battles, and Side-Battles. The mission: To keep the eye on the prize. The prize is The Bill of Rights. We pick each other up when we can. We go on. Eye on the prize.

    Setbacks, challenges, disappointments, misfires… Hardships all, but no betrayal. No defeatism. No giving up. No false front.

    Unprecedented pressures. Mounting struggles: financial, protecting loved-ones, shortages, all while being poisoned and hunted as prey.

    Often we’ve heard said: “THEY WANT US DEAD.” The saying leads to hearing and the hearing to knowing: THEY WANT US DEAD!!

    We will carry on unless we cannot. Eye on the prize. We scream to purge our demons. In our screams, we are misunderstood. We scream because we want to set things right and there is so very much that is WRONG.

    I am remembering the mission. Eye on the prize.


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