The Word From the Trenches – December 2, 2019

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10 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 2, 2019

  1. CR@P!!!



  2. When you said this today…

    “We have the absolute, we have the right, we have the god-damned duty – we are neglectful of our duty to our f*king progeny to blow these son-of-a-bitches out of this country right f*king now. We are cuttin’ our grandchildren’s throats, right now, by not f*king acting, by sitting still and just watching it happen.”

    …I froze in my chair for a moment. What else to do? How much faster to go? Is it in each moment? Each instance? Each opportunity? I don’t want to cut my “grandchildren’s throats!!”

    That question: Am I doing enough? My spouse, in the trench with me. We have enemies near by; not the oppressors, but those who believe them, trust them, trust mainstream news and values. They are harder on me than the oppressors themselves. Ignorance and superficiality. Consumerism. Some are kind; I can’t hate them. Many others I CAN hate, and I was raised not to hate. We grow up in the oddest of ways. We grow older and sometimes wiser. Wisdom does not make life easier.

    You damn well stirred the pot today. Practicing aim, yes; important and a big part of the readiness regime. But the mind… How to make it like steel, strong and resolved? If only it would stop asking what more I can do when I feel like I’m doing all I can. The mind, it must be tamed, mastered. I will not cut my “grandchildren’s throats.” You damn well stirred the pot today. Thank you. (I think)

    🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁


    1. Am I doing enough?
      Only the individual can answer that question.
      All those with a free mind are caught in a conundrum, created by a handful of traitors. They are the problem. I try to do everything I can with what I have and if I see an opportunity to hurt my enemy, I just do it, consequences be damned.
      People have to take different rolls in this fight. We here in the Trenches, explaining the obvious to the ignorant is a necessary part of the mechanism of the whole. Our people have been indoctrinated for a hundred years and we have done a hell of a job, and in doing so have put the crosshairs right on our backs.
      Everybody sees the truth and is so excited, but they fail to act on that truth, supposing that we, having openly exposed ourselves, could find a way to enforce their law for them without them having to step up to the hazard and put themselves at risk.
      Hell, you’ve got to realize a lot of these people whom we have given the truth to at great hazard and deprivation to ourselves, won’t donate one f-king dollar to help us because they might get on a list, and then their enemy the masons might take their job and then they might actually have to get down in these Trenches and fight instead of having somebody sacrifice their lives to do it for them.
      That’s how this United Nations Army was built. The goyem gladly paid whatever the corporation demanded so that somebody else could go die fighting for what they believed to be their freedom and liberty. They had no problem supporting the enemy’s American marked foreign blackwater troops to kill people in other lands to give their resources to the jews, while they stayed home and waved their plastic flags and self declared what patriots they are. That way massa might give them a pat on the head for the being the subjugated morons that they are.
      The fault is not here in the Trenches. It is with our own people, their fear of conflict, and their love of mammon. If somebody would just take care of this terrible problem and them not have to get involved, oh that would be just perfect. But I’ve got news for each and every one of them.
      You are going to get involved and your involvement is going to be at a greater degree because you have failed to support those who stepped up of their own initiative to the hazard of identifying the problem and showing the solution. Now you will fight them in your own goddamn yard or you will die.
      A little courage in the beginning could have saved a lot of pain and suffering in the end equation, but why should they risk themselves when we are willing to take the danger. And if they hold out long enough, we will do the fighting and dying and they won’t have to.
      I guess the only comfort here in the Trenches is to know that they are going to realize the error of their ways. And I don’t mean a comfort in that they will see their children and grandchildren die as a result of their lack of courage, but a comfort in knowing that we had the courage to step up and face it when no others did.
      Good morning, Galen.

      1. Good morning, Henry, and a very big yes! I see/understand.

        This right here…

        “I try to do everything I can with what I have and if I see an opportunity to hurt my enemy, I just do it, consequences be damned.”

        …is the great summary of your response, and I find a crazy comfort in it. It’s a place of courageous readiness. I imagine what it would be like if/when millions of others also except this stance.

        I am steadied now/able to stand here aware of the “opportunity” ahead. Thank you!!


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