The Word From the Trenches – December 9, 2020

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7 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 9, 2020

    1. Last week I saw a man who lives here in town and he exhibited facial characteristics of Bells Palsy. He did have the ‘test’ done while in jail for DUI.

  1. And Rockefeller is behind turning the phenomenon of Exosomes, a natural immune response to toxicity in cells into a fictitious boogeyman called germs and viruses. Virology is a complete fraud as is germ theory, neither of them have been proven true….
    Research Exosomes theory, and plain to see that vaccination, and germ theory is the warfare model of health to promote the drugs to attack another invisible phony enemy!

    Over my dead body do I accept their vaccinations!

    The entire theory of Vaccination, and germ theory was put in place for this agenda from the very beginning!

    1. Some reading I’d recommend are
      The Invisible Rainbow – by Arthur Firstenberg.

      What really makes you I’ll, why everything you thought you knew about illness and disease is wrong. By David Parker & Dawn Lester

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