The Word From the Trenches – February 14, 2022

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49 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 14, 2022

  1. Can’t have a discussion with people talking over each other, sorry. I just want my Fing rights period. All the rest can be sorted out after.

  2. I think we all agree but the problem is we have let the evil people in our society redefine terms. Laissez-faire Capitalism is what I think all freedom lovers want and it is just like free enterprise. So if you want to move beyond arguing over definitions, start describing what a free society looks like. I will start: No property or income tax EVER!!! No licensing or registration of ANYTHING. No forced purchasing of ANYTHING (like car/medical insurance etc.). This is just a start…

      1. ps: I know there is that massacre tied to Valentine’s Day, but I can’t let it keep me from extracting the love. They stomp on and destroy so much of what brings us joy. While I’m dying I gotta live. 🙂


  3. More listen less talk Jamal. The actual system that we are to have in place has not been in any of our lives. You have nothing to compare to when your opinion is that capitalism is good in regards to the law. Opinion doesn’t equal law. If Jamal would have listened Henry would have schooled him.
    No one I’ve heard has even come close to the understanding Henry has on the way this country is suppose to operate. Should have posed the question or argument and dropped off the line. It was like hearing a college professor trying to explain physics to my 8 yr old son.

    1. Discussion is a good thing, when there is talking over each other nothing can ever be resolved. Jamal was trying to express his thoughts as well as Henry. We all want our BOR’s back, sometimes we should agree to disagree. Most on the site are very passionate in there thoughts yet we all stand firmly on our law.

    2. Hello Tim, I guess you don’t understand that this is not the first discussion Henry and I have had about capitalism so I bring my argument from a place established long before what you heard today. However, if you go back and listen to what I said, I didn’t just give opinion, but the definition of capitalism, whether you like it or not. As far as the “law”, see, the thing about capitalism is that youre not supposed to have laws restricting business. Laissez-faire. You don’t have to accept it, but thats that. See, that’s the beauty of free will and choice. You should understand that just because someone has plenty to say doesn’t mean their not listening. Again, I’ve been down this road before. Henry is a man I respect very much as I’ve told him many times. I know its valentines day but I’m sure he can jerk himself off and doesn’t need you to do it for him. You’re right, you should listen. Go do that. I made my point. We won’t always agree, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t made. Have a good one


    A quick copy and paste from wikipedia. CAPITALISM
    Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.[1][2][3][4] Central characteristics of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, price system, private property, property rights recognition, voluntary exchange, and wage labor.[5][6] In a capitalist market economy, decision-making and investments are determined by owners of wealth, property, ability to maneuver capital or production ability in capital and financial markets—whereas prices and the distribution of goods and services are mainly determined by competition in goods and services markets.

    Definition of free enterprise
    : freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance.

    Let’s have a debt free system with no compounded interest of any kind. Let’s back it with something with a consistent value. Fair, balanced and available to all who are willing to circulate its consistent value back to where it is consistently available to be drawn from again, for goods, services, labour and trade. You can build infra-structure using resources from the land in a way that guarantees that everyone involved in the creation of the project is valued according to the price set for the project, so that everyone profits sufficiently to have a roof over their head, good food to eat, and the freedom to be happy in their work as they build what belongs to them from resources that belong to them and the thing of consistent value that belongs to them. Let’s call it free enterprise. Everyone participating in the creation of the project signs an agreement as to who will get the good of it in the present, in the community of individuals, which we may even have built it for, to enjoy their freedom with, now, and into the future. AS INDIVIDUALS, not in any kind of collective. No flipping, where money is made to line your own pockets which drives up the price of everything. That would be capitalism. I think. No banks to earn money on what has already been paid for! Capitalism!

  5. Everybody
    In case you’ve all forgot
    We don’t have lawful money
    It’s been stolen
    We use a debt tool
    Why do you think folks have their so called “identity” stolen?
    It ain’t capitalism
    It ain’t free market
    It ain’t nothing but debt slavery til we do something about it.
    Btw, the term capitalism was coined by a socialist named Louis Blanc in 1850, after the European revolutions in 1848.
    Ever hear of the 48er’s?
    A sh!t load of em skedaddled to here (united states of America)
    after their asses we’re handed to them.

    1. “ It ain’t capitalism
      It ain’t free market
      It ain’t nothing but debt slavery til we do something about it.” 100% correct, thanks Hal.

  6. Jamal, you raised good questions but you didn’t let Henry finish. It’s not about jerking any one off. I want the proper answer based on study not opinion. I also study finance so it very interesting to me. One must know thy enemy. But having a conversation involves listening. All I heard was you talking over everyone who had something too add. I’m pretty sure the people had private property in mind when the Bill of rights was written. I don’t know if Henry got to answer that I couldn’t hear anything, but you trying to make points that were going in circles. I’m sorry if my analogy was offensive. But thats what it sounded like to a parent who has children.
    It also sounded as though you were leaving cause you couldn’t hear this anymore. Maybe you have out grown the site… well happy trails. And good day. I just hope we get to argue how this is suppose to work after all these evil f-ks are dead. Honestly I think that’s first.

    1. “ Maybe you have out grown the site… well happy trails.” Well may I ask who the f are you to decide that? Never seen you post here, could be wrong? Hell I’ve had head butting with Henry and still we can agree to disagree. Once again we are very passionate as well as angry with wtf has happened to our law. Don’t know how long you have been here but at times yes the anger and passion can turn into a shit show. As long as we are on the same page regarding the BOR’s, as Henry would say we will win this war.

      1. I agree we can only disagree!.. IF THE MTHFCKRS DONT KNOW ABOUT THE BILL OF RIGHTS YET!!!!! But in the end we almost all agree…!!! THEY WANT ALL OUR MONEY AND THEY WANT US DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! GOODNIGHT )) SLEEP TIGHT 2 BARRELS OF FIRE POWER!!!!

  7. Preaching capitalism for what it could be is the same conundrum that people fell for under communism. It is a utopia, for the f-king bastards willing to turn their backs on the people. Don’t look at it on paper, look at it in practice. But thats beside the point.
    I don’t think that the benefits of a capitalist system are mutually exclusive from free enterprise, and what’s beautiful about free enterprise, is that it’s backed. It is enforced and dictated by the Bill of Rights naturally and lawfully.
    As for my moral/ethical contentions about capitalism, preaching/defending it makes you sound like a Jew. This country was founded on individual rights, which is why I can see why any deterrence from the Bill of Rights can soon become a clusterf-k of passion and rage. Disagreeing is fine, but the ultimate goal is to get everyone on the same page, so try not to blow the f-king roof off next time.

    1. “Disagreeing is fine, but the ultimate goal is to get everyone on the same page, so try not to blow the f-king roof off next time.”

      Who is this statement directed at?

      1. It was directed at Jamal. He kept talking over people and almost lost his cool on another stranger.
        Handle your business but close your case before doing so, so that the show can get back on track.

        1. “almost lost his cool on a stranger”
          If you’d have paid attention, Adrian, you’d have figured out that Jamal was having a near altercation with somebody at his location.
          He wasn’t directing his language towards anyone on the conference line.
          It ain’t hard to figure out.
          Use your noggin.

    2. Pray tell who are you talking to? “As for my moral/ethical contentions about capitalism, preaching/defending it makes you sound like a Jew”

  8. The guy who called in yesterday is in agreement with the Bill of Rights, therefore, everyone who knows it well enough, (some are still on the learning curve and mean well) are already aware that although the “German American” (dual “citizens” are forbidden by the B.o.R.), Reiner Feullmich, is a “lawyer”, also forbidden, who is blowing the lid off of all the lies and the criminal network behind this crime against humanity, he is operating in THEIR jurisdiction! They call it the International Criminal Court for a reason. It is owned and operated by the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS who are doing this sh*t to us in the first place! The only court that will ever solve this for good, is the Common Law Court which belongs to We, the People, and the only means left by which to end it forever, is the 2nd Article.

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