The Word From the Trenches – January 14, 2021

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18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – January 14, 2021

    1. yeah I saw weather channel this morning saying it’s like hurricane conditions with snow.. oh yeah.. that’s normal. no weather tampering there!! stay careful.

      1. That’s how it was here about a month ago.
        Dry and windy, dusty.
        Way behind on precipitation as well.
        Supposably 2 to 5 inch of snow coming.
        Hope you get some precip there soon, Misty.

    2. Well it ain’t howling out there, but enough to wanna keep boots on in case this shack gets the hammer.
      LOL. That would kinda suck.
      I think they purposely lie about the weather.
      These fks said 20 percent chance of precip. No mention of high winds until last moment.
      Middle finger!

    1. Just started snowing heading to Des Moines Iowa supposed to be a blizzard down there I can’t wait

  1. hey there JD .. I appreciate that you have brought attention to the post I put up in regards to Trump being a jew .. This was actually meant for you because you said you were interested in having me on the show to go over this Trump connection in Pedophilia. My research was almost identical to this in Videos that I have put out during that this same general time. I will be putting up more info for you asap.
    Also I like that you go into the fact that the JEWS are not who they claim to be .. I only have a slight correction to have you look into.
    Ashkenazi have had nothing to do with the Mongol’s or Turkey until much later. Ashkenaz was the grandson of Japheth and came on the scene in around 1800 BC. (found in the Bible at Genesis 10-1-3) where they showed up in the steps region along the banks of the Black and Caspian sea. Author Koesler never talked about these facts in his 13th tribe .. nor would he .. he was a Rapist Propagandist JEW ..The simplest way to explain this, is they are just simply from a different blood line .. I believe there has been no one that has tracked these POS jews more than I have. Here is a documentary film I put put on this matter around 6 years ago when I was still on youtube .. .. As to the Turkish .. I know that they migrate into Turkey at minimum during the middle ages and they formed what is called the Donmeh .. In Turkic this translates to A TRANSVESTITE .. “pretending to be something that they are not”
    The attraction of this channel and Henry is his ability to talk about common law in the common folks language. it has been quite educational for me, and my followers.
    On my bitchute channel I have set up a few playlists you might like to check out
    Thanks JD .. I hope that this will be helpful

    1. Eddy, DO NOT seek to judge who I am or why people come to this site. And you will immediately stop trying to draw people off of this site. Any decisions as to who comes on to the broadcast are f-king mine. Don’t ever try to go around me again.
      In your other comment you speak of “our people” to Hal Apeeno asking him to inform them to go to your channel. I know you have asked him to join your group.
      This site is about the Bill of Rights, buddy, and getting our personal jurisdiction back. Once we’ve done that, I will gladly disappear and you can take all of the issues that you are an “expert” in and you can take the perpetrators into the common law court to seek your redress… but wait, no you can’t, you do not know how to write a common law affidavit to move the court.
      I hate to be rude to you, but any more of this shit of trying to bolster yourself by trying to demean me, I will not tolerate and will result in the removal of you and your group from this site, because if you and your group are not the same group as the Trenchers, then your priorities and goals are not ours. I am not “common folk”, I am in individual free sovereign national for the united states of the Americas.
      I’m not doing this for fame and fortune. I wish I have not had to do anything I have had to do in the past 30 years. I wish I was out putting along in a four wheel drive with a rifle in my lap hunting elk right now and nobody but the people I grew up with and my family knew who I was.
      I and the Trenchers did not build this site for anybody to come in, set their own agenda, and take f-king over, and I’ll end this by saying that I have served as a regional director for Constitutional Rangers, chartered united states militia. I have fought for your rights, I’ve had my blood spilled, my bones broken, and have served time as a documented political prisoner. The people who listen to me, listen to me because we have walked the same hard road together and it is a hell of a lot more than just knowing the law and being able to express it. The fact is you don’t know me at all, what I have done or what I will do. And again, don’t you ever try to pigeon-hole me again or you will regret it.

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