The Word From the Trenches – January 6, 2019

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8 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – January 6, 2019

    1. Watch that wind, Mary. We had no electricity for a week. Just got re-juiced yesterday at noon.

      The rain that preceded the storm froze on everything and put a lot of weight on power lines and trees. When the wind picked up they were dropping like flies.

      1. arctic air moving in…high for Friday will be 2 and Friday night -10

        I’m glad you got the power restored

  1. Wow, Henry’s shout-out to the people of the mid-east gave me chills and inspiration. It really was a rallying call. I hope it can get to the ears of the people over there, especially those who have long lived under war and oppression.

    Thank you, Henry, for demonstrating what strength we-the-people have. On this Monday, and because of today’s broadcast, I feel more hopeful.


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