11 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 3-24-23

  1. I think about The Trenches, and the people who are drawn here. Certainly they are unique and strong. Unique in the sense that they think for themselves, and strong in the sense of being willing to fight anything or anyone who would make them a slave. Here’s something I saved that Henry wrote a little over two years ago. I take it as a grand summary of what The Trenches stands for:

    “I live in a Republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual. Those natural rights that guarantee me my freedom and liberty are absolute and apart from any government. They are a system of law that protects me as an individual from any collective that would try to subjugate me. I am guaranteed liberty, that means I can do anything I want so long as I am not violating another’s rights. I am an individual free sovereign national on an equal par with the crowned heads of Europe. My enemies are anyone who would try to usurp my individual jurisdiction over myself and my right to prosecute my issues through the due process and maximums contained in the law my people ratified in 1791, and it isn’t that f-king constitution. Anybody advocating for anything other than absolute individual freedom and liberty is my enemy, no matter what they call themselves.

    “Our law didn’t fail, we as individuals just failed to enforce it, which it is our lawful right to do so using deadly force and ‘every terrible implement of the soldier’ for our 2nd Article right to enforce our other 9 rights, which are the body of our law and cannot be changed in accordance with our 9th Article. … And yeah, we are going to have to take the initial action, and yeah, we will, and then we will be coming for our stolen wealth, much of which is in the possession of that nasty old crone sitting on the English throne.

    “Our armed population represents the largest army to ever exist on this planet. We are taking our freedom and liberty back and we are taking our wealth back and woe be it to anyone who tries to stand in our way. We invented playing with matches, but it will be ICBMs that will bring this new world order to its knees if anybody f-ks with us once this firenado ignites. Americans are not like other people. We would destroy the whole f-king planet before we would live as slaves upon it or subject to anyone’s authority but our own. And we really don’t give a f-k what they call themselves.”

    — Henry Shivley, 2/2/21


    1. I find the following quote to be one of the most potent statements EVER!!

      “Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the truth. Worry about who will be misled, deceived, and destroyed if you don’t.”
      — Author Unknown


  2. Sometimes we pick up things in the ethers. We have no proof, but we have impressions, insights. We do not want to explain them but only to give them their day by speaking them, or in this case, writing them:

    “There are forces, some with personal vendettas, who want to see us crumble and fade away. They think they know the story and ever dream of their vindication, craving to be viewed as ‘being in the right.’ But they stand ever accused of abandoning ship, taking with them the spoils of wisdom, while never crediting the wise.”

    There will be no crumbling or fading away here. The harshest journeys yield the staunchest determinism.


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