12 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – March 21, 2022

      1. Got grass turning green.
        Seen many Robin.
        One bald eagle.
        The mud is about dry but it’s gonna rain soon, and maybe snow with it.
        Getting set up to make bio char for the gardens.
        From where you’re at, to where I am, is like where I am to Omaha. 🙂

  1. 1 trillion is a million.. million. 1 million dollars for 1 million people. if the “debt” is 30 trillion.. and there’s 400 million people in this country.. they would owe every single breathing man woman and child from newborn to deathbed 75 thousand dollars. of course all these numbers are random arbitrary guessing estimates.. we’ll never know the true.. anyway.. that’s how much a trillion is. US “debt” at 30 trillion right now means you could give everyone EVERYONE in .. AR NV MS KS NM NE ID WV HW NH ME RI MT DE SD ND AK VT WY… 1 MILLION DOLLARS. 19 states…. 1 trillion dollars is enough to make EVERYONE in 19 states.. MILLIONAIRES. that means ZERO American Nationals homeless and hungry. THAT oughta be all the incentive one needs to stop polishing and start dirtying!! there’s no question I’d kill one of em for a million dollars.. I know for a fact.. no Trencher is a millionaire… you can’t be both. the LAST thing they want is one of us to have real money!! that’s why there’s no Benevolent Billionaires.. it ain’t ALLOWED!!

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