The Word From the Trenches – November 29, 2018

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15 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 29, 2018

  1. These cowards call in , and they are scared too death to fight, simple as that! This guy was a commenter on the site, got 86d called in with wet diapers and started crying.

    This show is about reinstating the Bill of Rights, not changing diapers. Your supposed to already know what’s up before you call in, Henry owes no explanations….

  2. Henry,

    Just an idea, when you get calls, ask, ” what is your name and where are you from”. Just an idea man, might filter out a lot if these cowards that try to put a round object into a square hole.

    Make these asshats in some way accountable, I know your not about that, but make these jive ass clowns in some way real man. I know they’re probably going to lie, make em work…

    No name, no talk…

    You did ask this clown, and he cowered, didn’t give you one.

    1. Never could do, Mark. People need to know who is out there and what their agenda is and the fact that they are calling in, shows they see the writing on the wall.
      We the people who are going to have our rights as absolute are the bulk of the armed population of this country and we are the poor ass son of a bitches that fought every f-king war. Once we get kicked into gear, whoa be it to any who try to stand against us.
      By the way, this was not the guy I just kicked off the site and we do know where every call comes from. I know you are just speaking out because you know how hard this shit is on me. If I die, all I ask is that every one of you study, study, study until you understand and then make the rest understand.

      1. Ok Henry, this guy , poster boy for protaginism. This guy “He Hawed” like a wanna be Beverly hillbilly.

      2. ‘ If I die, all I ask is that every one of you study, study, study until you understand and then make the rest understand.’

        It is why I listen ….I have listened to your CD completely 3 times…..we will be the ones the lost turn to….we will be the calm in the chaos because we will KNOW our Rights….Your CD is awesome. What a gift you have given us! …..and oh Henry if you die before I get to meet you ….I will hunt you down in the afterlife…BAM!

  3. Henry, you amaze me with your passion. Each one of us ought to have at least an ember of the flame that burns in your furnace.
    I’m always grateful for you having given your life to educating those of us who need it and will spread it. Thank you.

    1. No logical reason for it, unless somebody just didn’t want you to call in.
      Let me know if it happens again, if so we will call the conference line people and ask them why.

  4. Quite a show today, Henry.


    Glad you did not settle for that 4-car garage.

    Hope you and Laura live to be a healthy centenarians.

    One must study the mandamus (urgent and necessary) in order to apply it as needed.

    To quote your response after the call from the nameless caller: “IT’S GOING TO THE MAT.”

    Also just played yesterday’s broadcast. On fire!!, especially those last few minutes.

    Like you, many were raised to worship that flag and offer allegiance. It was as if a planned attack was launched on American Nationals, something of a national Stockholm Syndrome where we were programmed to love our oppressors. And now they are trying to make that global. How wonderful to wake up from under that, fierce as it can get.

    I did hear, and agree with Mark, that you are an expert on these matters, and it is on us to study, and become proficient on the mandamus, and to “know why we’re fighting.”

    So, each is his or her own personal militia. I proclaim that I am my own individual militia. Willing to fight for The Bill of Rights. That is the precipice. And ps, Henry, I’m you seventh cousin, too!!


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