The Word From the Trenches – October 20, 2020

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18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 20, 2020

      1. JEALOUS!?!
        Are you out of your cotton pickin’ $@%#&@#% mind?
        Winter is hell, the other hell, not the hot one, the cold one.
        I’m sorry Mary. I cry a tear for you. I know the shoveling and the chipping and the 15 minutes for the car to warm up, the slick roads that turn into goat trails after they have thawed and frozen a couple of times. I know your pain. 🙁

        1. Henry, when you live in basically perpetual summer, today 90 degrees with about the same humidity, mosquitoes biting, drenched after 5 minutes, salt pouring into the eyes, etc., I long for cold weather to kill the bugs off and stop sweating.
          This is the hot hell. 🙂

          1. It has felt like the hot hell to me when I barely survived the day, drinking beer in the shade of a barbwire fence in Phoenix Arizona in July with the humidity so high I stayed soaking wet all day long.
            Hell could be cold. Anything that makes you miserable could be hell. I don’t know, I guess I’ll just have to dress for it one way or the other. 🙂

          2. Katie, the absence of bugs in the winter is absolute heaven. While I was in Wichita Falls area the humidity was no worse than in Chitcago where I grew up. I know where you are is way more humid but hey saunas are a good way to detox 🙂

    1. They are confirming that there is a cov-19 virus that is causing people to get ill with various symptoms. Also saying that it’s not just a flu. WTH!!!!
      Whatever. I’ve concluded this is a continuation of the criminal zionist mafia at work, looting the planet, causing mayhem, death & destruction. They should be prosecuted for this & ALL the other CRIMES they are guilty of.
      Even if it was a real threat I wouldn’t follow any of their protocols because they are proven LIARS.

          1. There have been people who have been very ill and died. Their premise is it is radiation sickness related to 5G roll out.

  1. I listened further and heard her theory on what is causing the symptoms & it is 5-G.
    The majority of people that have died are elderly with underlying health conditions, this is what I’ve read.
    Again, this whole psyop is nuts!! Also, I’ve read that the majority of people have mild symptoms, like flu.
    Frankly, I’m tired of it all.

    1. ‘Frankly, I’m tired of it all.’ me too!!!
      Perhaps not so many elderly would be dying if they weren’t coerced into taking the quadrivalent flu ‘vaccine’. It leaves them way more vulnerable to any poison injected into them. This flu vaccine is an in your face genocidal agenda. The whole ‘flu season’ is another scam….everything is a lie =psyop

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