12 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 26, 2018

  1. Oh man, strongest broadcast I’ve ever heard you do, Henry. Wow, smoke comin’ out of my computer. I wish I could have heard your dialogue with that guest before it was railroaded. Is there a link?

    It always gets me when they say that after the war, as we take back our country and our rights there has to be something in place to organize and instruct. And as it turns out, that something is always one form of statism or another, without the people holding the ultimate power and authority. When the admiralty folks do that, they are attempting to discredit our intelligence and paint us as inept, unable to make decisions about our own survival, continuance, and dare I say, prosperity. It’s the old, “Who will build the roads” syndrome.

    We are so capable. And surely we can outshine any corrupt system that has run things for decades. Yes, there’s trade, and finance, and medicine, etc, but the best of minds will come forward, each in his or her own speciality and the job will get done, and with integrity. Leaders will lead with the people’s consent and be changed as deemed necessary by the people. I’m remembering what you said, Henry, a year or two ago: “If I agree to a plan, that doesn’t make me a follower.” And, “Each a king and queen in his or her own right.”

    Okay, it may take time to get it up and running, if not perfectly, excellently, and there will certainly be challenges, but we are up to those challenges because we have The Bill of Rights as grand protection, guiding each step of the way as we create the living of life without infringement. I know my points are over simplified, but I’m trying to envision a friendly, free future. Henry, you are bringing into focus a vision of what can be, what MUST be.

    Thank you!!!


    1. PERFECTLY said!! There needs to be more emphasis on freeing ourselves than who’s going to be the new “master”. Natural leaders will shine and rise up to HELP rebuild. Those who are itching to be in power now….I’m leery of.

  2. Oh boy, Henry, they ain’t givin’ you an inch. This was ganging up at its best. It’s like they stand waiting to hammer you. And then some potshots on you, ad homs, and your words twisted with accusations. Amazing that you stayed as calm as you did. Sorry you had to endure that for us, but I’m glad you jumped in. That apple cart needs upsetting. If only you were given the time to finish your point; hell, they’d ask you a question and you weren’t even allowed to answer it. Still, the guest heard your points on straw-man and 14th Amendment. So some seeds were planted.

    Must be nice to have the funds to say we’re planning this and this and this. The rest of us have to make do with intelligence, tenacity, grit. But I believe in us, Henry, and I’ll keep thinking of ways for things to move forward. So imagine if it is chaos for a while, which it likely will be, but, if followed, The Bill of Rights can calm the chaos. Organization can spring from there. Sometimes things can’t fully form until the moment they are needed. Even all the planning in the world won’t cover all bases.

    What enormous considerations. Yeah, it’s up to the individual, each a living Bill of Rights, but I do believe we’ll find each other and the good will support the good.


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