There Nancy Pelosi Goes Again

pelosiAgainst Crony Capitalism – by Hunter Lewis

And it is not funny.

There are two sides of the coin of crony capitalism. One side is bad economic policies that enrich the few connected to government while leaving behind the general public, the middle class, and the poor. The other side of the same coin is a closely related collapse in morality throughout our society. Hard work and honesty are out; knowing the right people and lying are in.  

As we have pointed out, nothing is more important for an economy than honesty. An economy is a trust system. In order to cooperate together, we need to be able to believe each other. That is why Nancy Pelosi’s statement that President Obama is “practically apolitical, certainly nonpartisan” is not just something to laugh over. It is a serious sign how far the dishonesty in our elite circles has gone. Pelosi’s enthusiastic participation in crony capitalism is further documented in chapter 7 of Crony Capitalism in America 2008-12.

13 thoughts on “There Nancy Pelosi Goes Again

  1. It’s a simple circle. Former Fl St Att Joseph P. D’Alessandro, reportedly cousin to Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi (minus one ‘s’ to make it look good and cover their trail) protected the Medellin Cartel which was BASED (death camp where whites were murdered and disposed of) in Clewiston, Florida. Not Colombia as the Congressional liars would have us believe. Adam Walsh was kidnapped by people in their jurisdiction with their knowledge which is part of the ongoing cocaine empire conspiracy. The truth about Adam Walsh and others begins to come to the surface via Billy Corben’s Cocaine Cowboys. Quick, need a fall guy with ties to Clewiston which is Barry Allen to cover Pelosi. Pelosi signs off on fake certs to cover herself and her cousin so that America doesn’t judge them for their role in these murders. “Where did all of the white children go?”

  2. The most difficult decision I’d face, when the time comes to hang the traitors (in this state, specifically), would be who to hang first – Pelosi or Feinstein.

    Tough call, but I think Pelosi would just have to wait her turn.

    1. Hang first? Why I have seen gallows in the wild west that could hang 6 at one time. LOL Two would be a given.

      1. No way. One at a time.

        Those Satanic scumbags don’t deserve to die in BAD company even.

        Besides, the last to go would have to watch all the others go before them.

        Hmmm……… maybe Pelosi first wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

      2. Heck Susan, I still like my double noose rope. Ya know the one you throw over a good stong hanging branch and there is a noose at each end of the rope, you hang one at each end of the rope and then that way when they drop they will kick the crap out of each other. Hell they could even choose who they want as their end of the rope hanging partner so they can watch each other as they are doing that rope dance. Yea ya wouldn`t ven have to tie their hands or their feet as that is how they not only hang together but they would kick the crap out of each other.

          1. Yes I know #1. The imagination goes wild sometimes ya know #1. 🙂 🙂 Actually #1 I guess that I had a troubled childhood LOL.

          2. I can imagine digger as the executioner, ropes installed, pulling the lever. Then imagine that sound of multiple necks snapping.

          3. Naw Millard, I wouldn`t use a trap door. I would prefer to have a adjustable platform that could be lowerd slowly. We all would have more bang for the buck if ya know what I mean. Why snap a perfectly good neck when ya could just choke it of nice and slow – they would have more dance time kickin` up their heels with their rope dance partner don`t ya know.

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