This Journalist Made All of these Cops Look Ridiculous by Schooling them on His Rights

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JC Playford is a reporter for News Now San Diego. He was covering a story about a missing wife of a Marine.

Playford was at 29 Palms military base in Morongo Valley, CA., filming the entrance to the base to get some footage.

After filming for a few minutes a cop pulls up and wrongfully detains him.  

Playford knows that he is being wrongfully detained so he tries to walk away which is when Officer Hawkins first grabbed Playford to stop him.

More officers arrive and Playford proceeds to school them in the rule of law. He then walks off like a boss!

This is how its done..


4 thoughts on “This Journalist Made All of these Cops Look Ridiculous by Schooling them on His Rights

  1. As to ID there are Terrorists that have been filming Bases and power plants here in Texas. Even though the reporter showed them the info on video. We do have people wanting to blow up Resources. Being retired military security on military bases now more strict. And also enter and exit areas and roads into Bases. As a Journalists which I was a ID was always displayed on my shirt from the City and the Tv station I worked at when going out on stories.


    1. regardless of the threat, or possible threat one still does not surrender one’s rights. You know if we give up our rights for security we will wind up with neither liberty or security. Did Franklin say that?

  2. Props to this man. He definitely has a bigger set than most.

    Did he file a formal complaint against Mr. Tough Guy (Peters)?

    This HAS to be done. If you have video evidence, it’s even more important that you do so.

  3. IF you’re going to school them in this manner, it would be highly advisable to use a camera that can stream directly to the internet so that if they beat you down, or even kill you, they can’t destroy the evidence.

    And make DAMN sure they know it.

    It could save your life.

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