Tour A Tiny Home Made Entirely Of SIP Panels!

tinyhouse1True Activist – by Sophie McAdam

Art Cormier lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. He built a tiny home from SIPs (structural integrated panels) which are used to construct floors, walls and roofs. Art’s minimalist design gives his home a sleek and simple style, and with most of the wood reclaimed from the local area, he’s managed to save money on the cost.

Art’s biggest spend was his customized $1500 kitchen workshop, and his favorite part of the house is his Nature’s Head composting toilet (complete with a beautiful Japanese-style paper sliding door to allow the light in all year round). Art’s 32 inch fiberglass shower can be easily picked up from any hardware store. He has a propane tank for generating hot water (and gives some handy tips on pressure and insulation) and an electricity box provides everything else Art needs.  

He doesn’t have much stuff, so unlike many tiny homes the space is clutter-free and lacks shelves (Art’s motto is “if you don’t build it, you won’t fill it”) . His home has an impressive reclaimed pine floor, while the walls and beams are made of cypress. LED lights on a dimmer system add to the ambiance.

Outside, the home is made from antique cypress, a local wood which is resistant to rot and insects. This was reclaimed from churches and other buildings in the area. Art’s only problem is his all-in-one fridge/freezer, which poses the inevitable question: how do you keep your beer ice cold without freezing yourlettuce?

All in all, a great video with lots of tips for anyone out there thinking of taking the plunge and building a tiny home. Find out how to find SIPs suppliers in your area here (US only) and check out Art’s blog about his tiny home here.

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