11 thoughts on “Trudeau Receives A Warm Welcome, He’ll Never Be Able To Walk The Streets Alone

  1. Shouldn’t be able to show his face in public
    Like so many like him here
    Glad to see people calling out these traitors to their country and it’s people
    Should go main stream

  2. Trudeau now runs away from a dozen farmers and a bad word –

    “Due to the size and composition of the protest group and for the safety of all attendees, it was decided that it was not safe for the prime minister to attend the location,” the RCMP National Division said in a statement to CBC News.

    About a dozen protesters gathered across the street from the brewery, including one who was carrying a flag emblazoned with a profanity directed at Trudeau, and another who was recording the establishment on their phone.


  3. All of those individuals who had the slave muzzle strapped across their face are communist pieces of sh*t. Seeing that at least 4 of the cops in the crowd were showing their faces, is a start. There is still a long way to go to bring them completely over to the side of freedom. Last week I had an opportunity to speak in person with 2 of them where I live. I told them that this covid tyranny has gone way too far. When they try to lock us all down again, will you please fight on the side of freedom for yourself? They went from kindly serving a little old lady with dementia who was lost in the neighbourhood, to taking up a defensive posture as though they might need to attack me for asking them to fight on the right side and said, “we have no control over that.” Another individual who was there said, “leave it alone. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.” I said, no, we don’t! This one’s a whopper! I hope you will serve with honour as it is printed on the front of your vehicle, and fight on the side of freedom.”

  4. Canada Has their problems .. and we have ours directly! We cannot focus on other countries so much.. WE the AMERICAN NATIONALS are People who Have a duty to fufill. DESTROY the Corp USA GOV.COM!! THEY ROBBED US ALL OUR LIVES!!! THEY WANT US DEAD!!! hope you can see that clearly…

  5. Yes, I do see how our problems are rooted into the same tree bearing the same rotten fruit. You had the BOR 76 years before we became a country. We became a country during the period of time in which the 14th Ammendment was happening there! 1867 was the year. Our freedom law was established in 1982. Its last surviving author said it was based on the American Bill of Rights! As a free Canadian, I have decided to go to the source and learn that law, master what it means and how it works, and do my best to teach it to any and all Canadians who are now in the fight to put the tyrants down in our country. It all boils down to jurisdiction and who we are under the law that gives us the authority to dispose of the tyrant. Now that the American BOR, 1791 is under revival, We, the People, here in Canada, must grab onto its power and join the firing lines under THAT law and win our freedom with the kind of blood and bullets it took for our men to take Vimy Ridge. Sadly, that was for a war nobody in either of our countries ever should have gone to. The real war, right now, for both of our countries must be for the BOR, 1791, which is the law our freedom in Canada is supposed to be based on. I live directly across the border from Detroit. I see your country every time I travel under the Ambassador Bridge or see the activity going in both directions across it. I grew up 3 blocks from that bridge which I was able to see from my back yard!

    1. It was in America that we dreamed of freedom. The new found freedom in America. We born here as Americans WE ALL FOUGHT TO INSURE OUR FUTURE HERE ON THIS LAND!!!

  6. I have heard Henry say that what they accomplished at Lexington and Concord was a first in the history of the war of the common man against the aristocracy. People really do need to understand what you said here. “It was in America that we dreamed of freedom. The new found freedom in America. We born here as Americans WE ALL FOUGHT TO INSURE OUR FUTURE HERE ON THIS LAND!!!” Not only did you fight, you won, the law was made by brilliant men with ingenious minds, but it has been under attack ever since! Now, 2.4 centuries later, that law has great defenders! It is crossing borders! The spirit of that law comes through the voices I hear when I listen in and now, I am developing my voice and strength to help get me through the tyrannical bullshit I have to deal with. So, the next time I am looking out over the water of the Detroit River and see your country, I will be thinking about what freedom looks like, beyond all those big old buildings of that concrete jungle I can see from here. I have a jungle of my own to fight through as well.

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