Trump calls for Apple boycott

The Hill

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called on his supporters to boycott Apple until it agrees to help the FBI unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

“What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time they give that security number,” Trump said at a rally in South Carolina.

“I just thought of it,” the GOP front-runner added. “Boycott Apple.”

Apple this week defied a court order to assist authorities in bypassing security features on the phone of one of the attackers in the San Bernardino, Calif., assault that left 14 people dead.

15 thoughts on “Trump calls for Apple boycott

  1. Once again showing his disregard and disdain for people’s rights. It’s not about boycotting apple but about WHY. Federal control. I said this when he stated he would like to put a ban on the internet (at least in certain parts). And the whole thing about the shooters in San bernardino? Oh, you mean the 3 tall, athletically built white men wearing military style clothing who some how turned into a Pakistani and his 90 lb wife. Yes, let’s keep perpetuating that.

  2. “What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time they give that security number,” Trump said at a rally in South Carolina.”

    What I think YOU ought to do, Chump, is stick your head back up your @ss where it belongs, eat sh#t and DIE, scumbag.

  3. F–k you, Trumpo the Clown.

    I still suspect that this tug-of-war between Apple and the Fedcoats is staged, but that may not have occurred to Trump. Whatever the case, Trump once again reveals himself to be authoritarian scum.

  4. I’m starting a new phone company called ” Oranges”.
    So that way you can choose between..
    Apple and Oranges.
    Oranges will not give up a backdoor.
    Let’s see.. company slogan.
    Oranges communications.
    “We’ll cover your Orange Hole from Government Turd Burglars”.

  5. Hopefully people are starting to see through his tyrannical aspirations, too, but as many are still convinced that voting is a viable route to change, the idiot will get elected.

    There are no legitimate death threats, or plane malfunctions. If the Rothschilds wanted him dead, he’d already be in a box, but he’s no different than any other candidate.

    They realized that the people know too much, so Trump was sent in to tell them what they want to hear. He’s no different than any other candidate.

    Trump is just Rothschild’s response to Americans waking up, and he’ll change absolutely nothing.

  6. Donald Tramp….or Donald Chump.
    Not sure which one I like better.
    Although “Tramp” would cover his daughter eating Kosher Hotdogs.
    Oyyy Veyy..

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