Trump Promises to ‘Swiftly’ Remove Criminal Illegal Immigrants ‘On Day One’

Breitbart – by Alex Swoyer

DES MOINES, Iowa — Donald Trump promised to start “removing criminal illegal immigrants” on day one during his speech in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday at Sen. Joni Ernst’s second annual Roast and Ride when he spoke to roughly two-thousand supporters.

“On Day One, I am going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country – including removing the hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released into U.S. communities under the Obama-Clinton Administration,” the Republican nominee stated.  

Trump’s comments come after speculation that the New Yorker was waffling on his immigration stance — specifically on deportation. He has continuously promised to deport illegal criminals whom he calls the “bad ones.”

“These international gangs and cartels will be a thing of the past. Their reign of terror will be over,” Trump proclaimed.

He continued:

In this task, we will always err on the side of protecting the American people – we will use immigration law to prevent crimes, and will not wait until some innocent American has been harmed or killed before taking action.

I am going to build a great border wall, institute nationwide e-verify, stop illegal immigrants from accessing welfare and entitlements, and develop an exit-entry tracking system to ensure those who overstay their visas are quickly removed. If we don’t enforce visa expiration dates, then we have an open border – it’s as simple as that.

I am also going to cancel all unconstitutional executive orders and empower rank-and-file ICE officers and Border Patrol officers to finally do the jobs they were hired for.

Roughly 2,000 GOP supporters came to see the Republican nominee in Des Moines, Iowa at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

7 thoughts on “Trump Promises to ‘Swiftly’ Remove Criminal Illegal Immigrants ‘On Day One’

  1. Until the American people and Trump know that EVERY illegal, whether “criminal” or not, have committed a crime, a felony.

    …..” stop illegal immigrants from accessing welfare and entitlements”….

    Sounds to me that illegals will remain in the country, just not getting the perks.

    Are there any “good” illegals as opposed to “bad” illegals?
    Illegal is illegal, period.

  2. Swiftly……
    as….Tyler Durden would say…
    Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.

  3. That is a mouthful of doublethink and doublespeak not to mention an oxymoron, he is only going to remove CRIMINAL-ILLEGAL aliens… The two are the same but he makes it sound like there are different groups of illegals and some are not criminal but they all are because they are ILLEGAL! Idiots keep falling head over tail for this puppet and he outright shows he is not going to do anything and keeps lying and changing his story! He needs lined up with the rest of them on the firing line.

  4. Yea and I am reading that hell froze over today. As they say in TX, he is all hat and no cattle, just like Bush

  5. Wow! Trump changes his mind more often than Kerry when it comes to immigration.

    “I was against illegal immigration before I was for it and now I’m against it…for today…maybe not.”

  6. I would like to make an allegory of Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump is like a prostitute working at the brothel down the road from me.
    Whispering sweet nothings….like…
    This is my first time.
    I was a virgin a week ago.
    No… that’s not your wallet in my purse.
    Come back…. I love you.

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