Trump: US Must Accept Some Mideast Refugees

Newsmax – by Greg Richter

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump says that the United States will have to accept some of the refugees fleeing the chaos in Syria.

Appearing Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Trump said he does worry that some in the group could be terrorists and said a screening process will be needed.  

“But something has to be done,” he said. “It’s an unbelievable humanitarian problem.”

His words likely sound in contrast to some of the critics of his illegal immigration policy. Trump proposes building a large wall across the U.S.-Mexico border and has said all illegal immigrants should leave the country, then apply to re-enter legally.

Trump told O’Reilly that the rise in Europe of Middle Eastern immigrants has made the continent “a much different place.

“I’m not sure that’s what they want,” he added, but stressed that the refugees can’t be ignored on humanitarian grounds.

He blamed the crisis on President Barack Obama, who said in 2012 that Syrian President Basher Assad would cross a “red line” if he used chemical weapons. When Assad crossed the line, Obama did nothing.

Trump said he would have taken action against Assad.

“But, you know, it’s living in hell in Syria, there is no question about it,” Trump said.

11 thoughts on “Trump: US Must Accept Some Mideast Refugees

  1. No, we sure don’t. They have the option to pick up stones, pitchforks, or whatever isnecessarry and drive out the US sponsored terrorists in their own backyards. Defend your own nation to the death. We will be doing the same here soon enough.

  2. What an asshole! Lets put a couple thousand in his hotels. F#$%ing turn coat, weasel , traitor, moron, Jew lover.

  3. Great ! This is good news ! Maybe now at least some of these big pharma lobotomized cowards will wake up to the fact the Donald is not some white knight super savior , & also that if voting in these commie elections mattered it would be outlawed overnight !

  4. Good!!! About time Trump showed his TRUE colors! And of course, he’s blaming Assad for this… Hopefully the dog-and-pony show ends so even the most brainless twit can see Trump for who he really is…the yin to Obama/Hillary/Biden’s yang.

  5. And….here comes the infamous “Communist Compromising” now that he thinks he’s got all of the alternative voices in his grasp.

    When will people ever learn……

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