5 thoughts on “Refugees Refusing Aid Because It Has A Red Cross On It

  1. Would any of us accept help if it was being given by the same people that caused the plight. The post 9/11 wars from the west is what is causing this refugee situation. Personally, I’d reject it also, whether it had a red cross or not.
    These people are not stupid, they know why they are having to leave their lands; the west’s war for Israel!!

  2. The Red Cross of death. After 9-11 the Red Cross was taking donations for blood for the victims. What victims? Everyone in the towers died. Then they took monetary donations for the victims families. As far as I’ve heard, they never distributed a dime. I wouldn’t trust anything that comes from this association. Ever. Only Americans with a blind trust would take anything from the ARC. The refugees understand this. Good for them. Reject the poison.

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