TSA to Purchase 24 Million Rounds of “Duty” Ammunition

TSA to Purchase 24 Million Rounds of "Duty" AmmunitionInfowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

The TSA has issued a solicitation requesting 24 million rounds of .357 SIG “duty ammunition” over a five year period, prompting fresh questions as to whether the federal agency is planning to arm its workers.

“Estimated quantity is approximately 4,800,000 rounds of .357 Sig duty ammunition per year, totaling 24,000,000 over the life of the contract,” states the solicitation, posted on FedBizOpps, which adds that the ammo is for use at “DHS component locations nationwide.”   

The ammo purchase is likely to spark new questions about whether the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to arm TSA agents, an idea that has been pushed by the TSA’s union, the American Federation of Government Employees, but has received scant support elsewhere.

Although Federal Air Marshals acting under the jurisdiction of the TSA are currently armed, other indications, such as the hiring of shooting ranges near airports, suggest the federal government could be preparing to arm some TSA workers. There are only 4,000 Federal Air Marshals currently operating in the United States, a figure that doesn’t appear to match with the 4.8 million rounds a year the TSA is set to purchase under this solicitation alone.

The solicitation is filed under the auspices of the TSA and not another DHS agency such as Customs and Border Patrol.

“Outside of certain governmental organizations like the Federal Air Marshals, and the Secret Service, .357 Sig ammo is not a vastly popular round. It is basically a .40 caliber case necked down to accept a 9mm bullet. Who knows what it means, other than that a relatively small number of federal agents are expecting to do a whole hell of a lot of shooting, or they are expecting the ammo market to dry up for an extend period time,” notes one blog.

An even more disturbing scenario would see armed DHS agents patrolling the streets of major cities like Chicago, as Jesse Jackson called for last year.

Fears that large ammunition purchases by the Department of Homeland Security may be linked to preparations for domestic unrest have raged over the past two years, although a recent Government Accountability Office investigation downplayed the issue as nothing out of the ordinary.

Another noteworthy aspect to the story is that the Department of Homeland Security has stopped referring to such ammunition as “hollow point,” and is now referring to it as “duty” ammunition.

One of the DHS’ explanations as to why it has been making ammo purchases in bulk quantities is in order to save money. However, previous solicitations for training ammunition requested “hollow point” rounds, which are not suitable for training and are more expensive than full metal jacket rounds.

More recently the DHS issued a solicitation for over 141,00 rounds of sniper ammunition, bullets known commercially as “Zombie Max,” a reference to their high power.

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7 thoughts on “TSA to Purchase 24 Million Rounds of “Duty” Ammunition

  1. That ammo is useless when your rival is a hundred yards away with a scoped rifle…

  2. Which highlights the question, where is the solicitation for the weapons to put theses rounds into. Is that still to come, or are they already stockpiled somewhere. The quantity purchased will tell a story in itself.

    1. That’s what I was saying the other day, too. What are they planning on doing with these bullets if they have no guns to fire them from? Are they planning on throwing the bullets at the people?

      I’m betting the bastards already have guns in the back room somewhere, just waiting for the right false flag to bring them out.

      If that LAX false flag shooting didn’t fail so miserably for them, I’m sure they would have brought them out at that point. Wolf Blitzer was trying to persuade the masses into thinking TSA needs them. However, it didn’t work as we all knew the propaganda that he was attempting to slip in and accomplish and stopped him in his masters in their tracks.

      Notice how you never hear anything about that shooting since it took place, but you hear all about the Sandy Hook, Aurora Theater, Boston incident, and so on. But hardly anything on the LAX story. Probably because it fell apart from the moment it started.

  3. The arming of the domestic traitor corps continues right under the noses of the hapless sheep that only bleat,that is if they even notice it! How can anyone think this is being done for their protection and not for their demise is mind numbing.

  4. I feel so much safer knowing that these fry basket rejects will be packing.

    “Freeze, asshole! Drop the breast milk!!” {boom boom}

  5. Why?

    Arming the opposition has long been something the bad guys have been good for… During every battle since there was a weapon deemed better than the ones ‘we have’ they idea was to take out those with the better weapons and use them to defeate more bad guys. Ultimately leading to a nice arsenal of enemy funded gear.

    This goes bask to when people had bronze swords, shields etc and others did not. Think of Sparticus.

    They will have some you can take once they can no longer use them.

  6. wait until the crap hits the rotating air mover

    this ammo will be all over the place, no need to buy your own when you can pick it, and their guns up off the ground

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