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  1. Oh man, as one with a tendency for bridge-building, I was reluctant to tear this to shreds. But tear I must or I would be false. I only take the time for this because it was posted here, at The Trenches.

    So many points to address. Roy, whom I’m meeting for the first time in this vid, speaks in defense of Trump, Assange, Alex Jones, and Tommy Robinson. He qualifies by saying something like “No one is perfect, are you?” Well of course no one’s perfect, but do we allow imperfection to lie to us? Or advance genocide? Or gate-keep in regards to whom the real perpetrators are? Am I too harsh?

    Most know about Alex (Arabs run Hollywood) Jones. So we’ll move on. Here’s a quote from Assange:

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”
    — Julian Assange

    Julian fully lets us down on 9/11 truth and like the very revered (darling of the left) Noam Chomsky, dismisses it as irrelevant.

    Trump, what can one say? Escalated immigration/invasion, border: no follow through, surveillance, foreign interventions, war, etc. Hello police state and welcome to the 3rd world.

    Tommy Robinson (only one of his many names), blames Islam for invasions of the west but doesn’t say who’s orchestrating them. And of course I’m all for exposing and halting the raping gangs, but here’s a closer look at Tommy:


    And a quote:

    “Is the Tommy Robinson thing a set-up? An easy way to make a ‘white hero’ out of a Zionist book-licker? When he gets out, he’ll be a leader. But whatever he does, we know it will be in service to Jewish interests,”
    — Tom Stedham Blog

    I want to see and overcome my blind-spots. All I can say, is that with study and research, each comes to believe and/or trust his or her own sources. Sometimes it takes years before we can deem someone reliable and trustworthy. It can also take that long to find out who’s a fraud. Even then, sometimes we’ll be wrong/make mistakes, but we have to call ’em as we see ’em.


  2. As to Tommy Robinson, he would almost have to be assassinated/murdered in jail for me to believe anything he has said over the years is based on truth and not Zionist hogwash. But I doubt he will be–the Zionists need him too much, and, if they do sacrifice him, it’ll be to cause as much blood to flow from riots and whatnot between white Brits and Muslims-Asians…more blood sacrificed to Satan. Wonder if Benny the Psycho will drink any of it in Jerusalem…

    1. On Tommy:

      “He’s a Zionist cuck abusing legitimate grievances (about immigrants & gangs) to push the (((clash of civilizations))) narrative.”
      — OD Rervodactus Blog


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