UFO piloted by Bigfoot spotted again over Agency Lake


Photograph taken with all permissions needed from Governor Don Gentry, Tribal Corporate CEO, and Chief of the Klamath Tribe.

17 thoughts on “UFO piloted by Bigfoot spotted again over Agency Lake

  1. This should be sent immediately to the National Enquirer with a 10,000 dollar price tag attached.


  2. Is the name of that lake really called Agency lake? Really?
    Huh. I wonder why they call it Agency lake. Oh yeah, it was discovered by that famous explorer Cornelius Ingram Agency. Native legend tells how Cornelius was a great wizard and could change form into a blurry…blob and would at times float over the lake.

    Ok. It could just be a small smudge on somebody’s camera lens.

  3. Second sighting… That’s it. My inquiring mind wants to come out there to document the event. Hehe. 🙂

      1. No no no. Your rational explanation makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’s obviously lizard aliens disguising their spacecraft with a technological light bending device. Or, quite possibly, a slippage in the time-space continuum where an alternate reality has intruded upon ours and has become visible to the naked eye.
        It’s science! Not rationality.

        1. You guys are clearly overthinking this. It’s obvious that Bigfoot let off a big stinker and cleared the scene before Henry could get a photo. 😆

          1. Look, I’ve been studying this pheromone for almost 7 hours now and I can say with absolute certainty that that is nothing more than the sun reflecting light off the planet Venus, bouncing into our atmosphere, reflecting off of a weather balloon and refracting into some swamp gas. It’s quite simple, as you can see.

          2. “Look, I’ve been studying this pheromone”

            tc, I believe this is a typo- Pheromone should be phenomenon.

            No charge.

          3. What? How dare you insulate my intelligance. This is an outage! I’ve never been so insulated.

            Ok, look. I may not know what a mirage is, but that thing in the pic is definitely some sort of optical illusion.

  4. Ancient Alien theorists theorize that there is a possible probability that it is a time machine that took a cave man into the future where he was transformed into a transgender and educated in common core theology and has now gone back in time to the year 2016 to become the go between for Alex Jones and Donald Trump. 😉

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