Unemployment benefits cut big time by sequester: Wallets of unemployed hit hard

Unemployment benefits take sizable cut with sequester starting this month.Examiner – by Roz Zurko

Unemployment benefits took a sizable hit when the sequester federal spending kicked in on July 1. The 11.7 million Americans still unemployed are seeing a cut in their unemployment benefits, with some states feeling it more than others, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Monday, July 8, 2013.

CNBC reports that other business have seen this sequester trickle in, but the unemployed will perhaps feel the first big “jolt” as their wallets are going to be a bit lighter when their benefits are doled out this month.  

Starting in July the average weekly benefit of $289 will fall by $43 a week, which is a good chunk out of weekly income, especially during a time when jobs are still scarce and the labor market has yet to show signs of the strong recovery needed to fix the unemployment problems in the country.

Some states will see more of a hit from the unemployment benefit decrease than others. According to the National Employment Law Project, New Jersey’s 120,100 unemployment insurance recipients will see their average compensation drop 22.2 percent. The Garden State’s average weekly unemployment compensation is $382 this will be reduced by $85, dropping the average benefit in New Jersey to under $300.

New Jersey and Maryland are the two states seeing the steepest decrease in their unemployment compensation, with cuts of 22.2 percent each. Next in line is Montana (19.6 percent), Connecticut (19.2 percent), followed by Arizona and Illinois, both at 16.8 percent.

Then there are the states that have more jobs to go around like Texas, but their is reduction for a typical unemployment benefit is only 10.2 percent. This is less than half of what New Jersey and Maryland will experience. Texas has a 6.5 percent jobless rate, which is well below the national level. The state has 118,500 on unemployment insurance.

Unfortunately for the folks who live in New Jersey and Maryland, their states will take more of a chunk of their unemployment benefits than folks who live in Texas will give up. The amount realized from an unemployment compensation benefit is almost impossible for most families to live on. Cutting this amount is only offering more hardship to the people that are struggling already.


9 thoughts on “Unemployment benefits cut big time by sequester: Wallets of unemployed hit hard

  1. ….well you know…we just had to cut unemployment benefits…so that BO and is family could take that 100 million dollar trip to Africa…to secretly meet up with the last two Traitors-In-Chief…..pigs….impeach them all..convict they and their family members of generational treason and hang all of them as soon as possible…

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    1. That is right RJ. And remember that his daughters and wife benefitted from that unnemployment bennifit too Life is easy on easy street untill ya got to pay it back and obama as well as the other presidents have a big bill to pay back to us people.

  2. Keep in mind the true unemployment rate is 22% and GDP ia contracting at 2%. See shadowstats for a more accurate picture of where we really are.

  3. Saying it is because of the unemployed we have unemployment is like saying it is because of cancer patients we have cancer.

    It is because of market conditions we have unemployment. Some people get used to it, some people never do, while others will never have to; usually it is those who never have to who are the greatest served by it.

  4. the next big cuts will be to social security –i’m guessing 25 percent–

    remember the names involved–do not vote dem or rep in 2016, not even if there’s a gun to your head–if there’s a third party vote that line regardless of what the press says–its the only way out–be very aware of perry-major neocon—remember vote 3rd party, nothing else matters-

    1. In the first place, there is no f#@king vote, it has been made the biggest in-your-face fraud since the first banana republic. You need to swallow that red pill that seems to be hung in your throat.
      In the second place, what makes you think we are going to make it to 2016?

  5. I thought the economy was going to crumble because of the cuts, it didnt happen, what does that say about the president?

  6. The money for the interior remodel of the WH & time to do so has to come from somewhere! Stopping the WH tours wasn’t the issue, tunnels to Weather Mountain are…….Remember the Govt spends $50.00 on paper for a hammer that really costs $3.50………..The real story is Freedom & Liberty

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