Immigration Reality Check

Senator Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina, has stepped up front and center to portray himself as the conservative republican spokesman for immigration reform, pushing the propaganda that says his party must acquiesce to the wishes of the Hispanics in passing the so called comprehensive immigration bill, his reasoning being that conservative republicans can no longer win elections unless they morph to communism in bringing the socialist invaders from the south into the fold.  In other words, a surrender.

Ask yourself this question.  Would the threat of being voted out of office by Hispanics be in any way credible had our immigration law been enforced with the same vigor as the unconstitutional seat belt law?   

These traitors from within, like Lindsey Graham, have allowed foreigners to pour into our country and then, time and again, rewarded the invaders with citizenship for their violations of our laws.  Now they want to tell us that the Fabian Socialism is a fait accompli and that the only way their party can survive into the future is through the consolidation of the government under a one party communist dictatorship.

Again, is this not a crisis that has been created deliberately for that sole purpose?

It is now being whispered about that the communists intend to finance this latest amnesty using Social Security funds, in short, the monies paid in by Americans for their retirements.

Would anyone disagree that there is a large portion of we the people who want all of the illegals removed and our borders secured?  Where is our voice?  Where are the proposals for removal?  The fact is you will not see them, as we, American nationals, the largest portion of the population, are completely without representation and the traitors within are in the midst of a mad dash to pump in as many socialist invaders from around the world as they can before we step up to defy them.

We know there is conflict ahead, yet we stand idly by as our enemies use our resources to build and bolster their forces on our soil.  We will pay for our neglect in confronting this problem of which we cannot deny its existence.  We will literally pay in blood, as the more commies brought here, the more that will have to be removed, and the more American nationals that will have to die in doing so.

Maybe it is time we admit to the reality of this invasion and start fighting it instead of allowing it to continue to move forward unabated.

2 thoughts on “Immigration Reality Check

  1. Lindsey Graham Cracker ought to take the crack that he’s smoking and sniff a good portion before WE the people go to his office, haul his ass off and hang the F**ker for high treason. This guy has to be getting death threats on a daily basis with the way he is backstabbing the Constitution and We the people. That Zionist bastard needs to be burned at the stake along with the rest of the political fools like him.

  2. Seeing how deeply Lindsey Graham has his head up the ass of AIPAC & the open borders lobby, is there anyone who still doesn’t believe that the Israeli lobby hasn’t blackmailed Graham with some embarrassing info on little boys?

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