The United States Funding Of Terrorism Created ISIS

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This post will serve as a collection of quotes and various documentation to prove the United States government among other nations and world bodies (Global Powers) have funded terrorism, specifically ISIS. If you are new to this subject what you will learn is extremely disturbing. If you understand this subject, this is good reference material for yourself and to share with others.

It is or should be common knowledge the United States government has funded terrorism for decades (additional documentation). The US has even admitted to their role in the 1953 coup of the Iranian government, a nation that still eludes the globalists to this day, but not for much longer. The United States government has created or funded terrorist groups such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Mujahideen.  

During the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden and his fighters received American and Saudi funding. Some analysts believe Bin Laden himself had security training from the CIA.

BBC: Al-Qaeda’s origins and links

Osama Bin-Laden, the one time leader of Al-Qaeda, the number one terrorist in the world at one time was funded by the US government. We are told this same individual coordinated and carried out the 9/11 terror attacks which Bin Laden actually denied. So what does that mean? The US government was involved with the terror attacks on 9/11.

How about the Mujahideen?

The Hezb-i-Islami group of mujahideen, whose training and weaponry were mainly supplied by the CIA. American officials estimate that, from 1985 to 1992, 12,500 foreigners were trained in bomb-making, sabotage and urban guerrilla warfare in Afghan camps the CIA helped to set up. 

Some have returned to former battlegrounds, like the university-educated Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, a key figure in the Egyptian al-Jihad terrorist group. Al-Zawahiri ran his own operation during the Afghan war, bringing in and training volunteers from the Middle East. Some of the $500 million the CIA poured into Afghanistan reached his group. Al-Zawahiri has become a close aide of bin Laden and has now returned to Afghanistan to work with him. His al-Jihad group has been linked to the Yemeni kidnappers.

Guardian: Frankenstein the CIA created

It then becomes obvious, the United States funded Al-Qaeda who has performed terrorist operations around the world, specifically the middle east. You should also understand the Al-Qaeda cell in Iraq was known as “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” and in 2010 their name changed to the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” better known as ISIS.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. To really understand the group, the first thing you need to know about it is that it used to have a different name: al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In 2013, the group once known as al-Qaeda in Iraq — now based in both Syria and Iraq — rebranded as ISIS.

Vox: ISIS used to be al-Qaeda in Iraq

ISIS With US Military Truck and M198 Howitzer

ISIS With US Military Truck and M198 Howitzer

An offshoot of Al-Qaida which has captured territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic “caliphate” and called on factions worldwide to pledge their allegiance, a statement posted on Islamist websites and Twitter said on Sunday.

The group, previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and also known as ISIS, has renamed itself “Islamic State” and proclaimed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as “Caliph” – the head of the state, the statement said.

Haaretz: ISIS Changes Name, Declares Islamic ‘Caliphate’

The “official narrative” tells us the United States funded Al-Qaeda’s new creation, ISIS, broke away in February of 2014 as they were too brutal for Al-Qaeda. Since when does terrorism become too brutal for savages like this? Regardless, there appears to be a mend in the “relationship” as of 2017.

“Having realized that they (ISIS) are being threatened with total destruction in the zone of their former domination, leaders of the largest international terrorist groups, such as Islamic State, Al-Nusra Front and the remnants of the pre-existing Al-Qaeda structures, began changing their tactics. In particular, they stepped up transfer of militants over to Afghanistan, Yemen and deep into Africa, and started building support points and bases there,” Aleksandr Bortnikov told participants of the VI Moscow Conference on International Security on Wednesday.

“We’re talking about development of a new large-scale terrorist network,” the FSB director said. “There are also reports of ongoing negotiations between Islamic State and other [terrorist] groups about a possible merger.”

RT: ISIS Leaders ‘Negotiate Merger’ With Other Terrorist Groups – FSB Head

ISIS With United States Humvee and Tank

ISIS With United States Tank and Truck

You should understand “Al-Nusra Front” is also a creation of Al-Qaeda who received funds from who? The US Government among other sources as we already outlined in part. So now we are being told all of the terror groups are looking to form one joint union in order to continue their reign of terror all “secretly” funded by the United States and other governments.

It is no secret the terror groups have been working together. Why? They are all one in the same just different factions working towards the same goal. The media cannot seem to get their story straight. The following comes from a USA Today report from April 11th 2013.

A Syrian rebel group’spledge of allegiance by Syrian Jabhat al Nusra Front chief Abou Mohamad al-Joulani to al-Qaeda leader Sheik Ayman al-Zawahri was coupled with an announcement by the al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq, that it would work with al Nusra as well.

USA Today: Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda

ISIS With United States BMG-71 Tow American

ISIS With United States BMG-71 Tow

This documents for us, contrary to recent reports the terrorist groups have been working with each other for years. They never “broke up” or “divorced“. This goes right in line with what we have learned in other reports and from a United States Congresswoman on her trip to Syria.

“I’ll tell you what I heard from the Syrian people that I met with, Jake, walking down the street in Aleppo, in Damascus, hearing from them. They expressed happiness and joy at seeing an American walking through their streets. But they also asked why the U.S. and its allies are providing support and arms to terrorist groups like al-Nusra, al-Qaida or al-Sham, ISIS who are on the ground there, raping, kidnapping, torturing and killing the Syrian people.

They asked me, why is the United States and its allies supporting these terrorist groups who are destroying Syria when it was al Qaida who attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria. I didn’t have an answer for them.

“The reality is… every place that I went, every person that I spoke to, I asked this question to them, and without hesitation, they said, there are no moderate rebels. Who are these moderate rebels that people keep speaking of?

Regardless of the name of these groups, the strongest fighting force on the ground in Syria is al Nusra, or al Qaida and ISIS. That is a fact,” said Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

CNS: Just Back From Syria, Rep. Gabbard Brings Message: ‘There Are No Moderate Rebels’

ISIS In Control of Two Tanks in Syria -

ISIS In Control of Two Tanks in Syria –

Do not forget, Syrian President Basher Assad had a 70% approval rating and won the last two elections by receiving over 88% of the vote so why is the US funding terrorism in order to overthrow Assad? For regime change, to remove Assad who does not go along with the globalist agenda. Terrorism is being used as the reason to invade Syria plain and simple and Iran will be next.

Let us talk more about the United States funding of the so called “moderate rebels” which we now know is just another name for ISIS.

Supporters of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan have been getting U.S. military contracts, and American officials are citing “due process rights” as a reason not to cancel the agreements, according to an independent agency monitoring spending.

“I am deeply troubled that the U.S. military can pursue, attack, and even kill terrorists and their supporters, but that some in the U.S. government believe we cannot prevent these same people from receiving a government contract,” said John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

– Al-Qaeda, Taliban Receive U.S. Government Contracts Despite Being Sworn Enemy

The US is not the only government to blame, terrorism is being funded by the globalists, by the Global Powers of the world.

“Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria,” US Vice-President Joe Biden said, explaining that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were “so determined to take down Assad,” that in a sense they started a “proxy Sunni-Shia war” by pouring “hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of weapons” towards anyone who would fight against Assad.

Former MI5 Agent Annie Machon adds,

“But of what I’m more astonished is of his apparent amnesia about what America and Britain were trying to ferment in Syria only a year ago. They were not only putting staff intelligence personnel on the ground, and providing logistical support to the rebels in Syria; they were spearheading the campaign to try to oust Assad,”former MI5agent Annie Machon told RT.

– Biden blames US allies in Middle East for rise of ISIS

Not only did Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE fund terrorism, so did the UK and France not to mention NATO.

ISIS With US M16

ISIS With US M16

Now let us hear from another United States Representative. This time from Congressman Rand Paul who explains in this video, ‘600 tons of arms were given to the Syrian rebels to overthrow the Syrian Government. Yet, during the past year the Syrian rebels have become weaker, while ISIS has become stronger. How is that possible unless ISIS was actually receiving these weapons ISIS is simply a different road to the same destination. The destruction of Damascus‘ (at time marks: 5:00-6:00 minute and 7:00-11:00 minute).

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Thursday that the Obama administration was giving an additional $60 million in assistance to Syria’s political opposition and would, for the first time, provide non-lethal aid directly to the rebels.”

– Kerry Announces $250 Million In U.S. Aid For Egypt

ISIS With Tank Syria - Business Insider

ISIS With Tank Syria – Business Insider

In a 273-156 vote on Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a bill which approved of President Barrack Obama’s $500 million plan to arm and train Syrian rebel forces.

– House Passes Bill To Arm Syrian Rebels Despite Evidence Of ISIS Ties

ISIS With United States Humvee - Business Insider

ISIS With United States Humvee – Business Insider

Syrian rebels who would later join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.

The officials said dozens of future ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.

The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.

– You Do Realize That The U.S. Funded And Trained ISIS, Right?

ISIS Three United States Humvees Seizes Syrian Oilfield - Alarabiya

ISIS Three United States Humvees Seizes Syrian Oilfield – Alarabiya

There are no moderate rebels as we have learned. The moderate rebels, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS are all one in the same and being funded by the United States and other Global Powers. Is it any wonder why the agenda of the so called terrorists are the same?

The terrorists are paid mercenaries who are all fighting the same cause, they are fighting in an effort to overthrow the government of Syria so a government that is inline with the globalists can be put in its place.

You will be disgusted to learn the so called War on Terrorism” has costed US tax payers over $4.79 trillion dollars as of 2016. It is heart breaking to know and understand our men and woman in the armed forces are dying for the children of Satan and their globalist cause.

ISIS With Two United States Humvees - Washington Times

ISIS With Two United States Humvees – Washington Times

Further, Russian President Vladimir Putin understands the United States and other G20 members are funding the terrorists including ISIS in Syria. Yet Putin also has his military in Syria destroying it as well. Why? This is a global effort by the globalists to destroy the non-globalized nations.

You may recall, before the creation of ISIS, the United States accused Syrian President Basher Assad of killing his own people using chemical weapons. Of course this was proven false by the United Nations no less. The new narrative for military intervention in Syria is ISIS and so far it is working perfectly for the Global Powers of the world.

While former US President Barrack Obama started the process of bringing the International and Arab community together in an effect to “fight terrorism(code speak for intervention in Syria) current US President Donald Trump finished that process with the recent creation of the “Global Center For Combating Extremist Ideology” which consists of 55 Muslim nations.

It is also worth noting President Donald Trump called Qatar out for supporting terrorism and just a week later signed a $12 billion arms contract with Qatar. Further documenting the US support for terrorism by their own admission.

ISIS With United States Humvee - Business InsiderISIS Convoy US Military Humvee Trucks - ReutersISIS Convoy - US Military Truck and M198 HowitzersISIS With United States M-16ISIS With United States Humvee - IB TimesISIS With Two United States Humvees - Washington TimesISIS Toyota Truck Convoy With ArmsISIS With United States Tank - CNNISIS With US Humvee Firing From Gun TurretISIS Convoy US Military Truck with M198 HowitzerAppears As Photo Prop With New Clothing: Shakir Wahiyib & ISIS Members with M16s

ISIS Convoy US Military Truck with M198 Howitzer

The children of Satan through the United States are primarily using ISIS to attack by proxy their enemies in the Middle East, those who refuse to go along with the global agenda. This eventually as we have witnessed in Syria, leads to US military intervention in the affected nation. All the while, we, the American and other Western citizens all lose our rights in the name of security. Meanwhile, the US government continues their plan to one day lock down our cities.

When we pause and use our own minds to think for ourselves only then can we truly comprehend what is transpiring in our world. Since the creation of the “War on Terrorism” the United States has spent over $4.79 trillion dollars fighting terrorism, yet terrorism increases not only in the middle east, but around the world. That could only be possible if the United States along with the other nations were funding the terrorists and using them as a proxy front for the globalization of the world. A proxy war against the non-globalized nations.

Syria Destroyed Town Of Kobani (Ain al-Arab) - NY TimesSyrian City Destroyed Boy On Tank - CNNSyria Destroyed Khalid ibn al-Walid Mosque in HomsSyria Damascus In Ruins - Daily MailSyrian City of Homs Destroyed - YahooSyria Destroyed Khalidiya District of Homs - BBCSyria Destroyed City of Homs - SpiegelSyria Destroyed al-Khalidiyah Homs - Daily MailSyria Destroyed Buildings Al Khalidieh in Homs - The AtlanticSyria Immigration Border - Al Jazeera

Syria Destroyed Town Of Kobani (Ain al-Arab) – NY Times
We will close with a quote from our article, “Signs, Seasons And The Escalation Of Events In 2015“.

Right now we are witnessing calls from world leaders for a united world to a degree we have never experienced throughout recorded history. All in the name of fighting terrorism, climate change and economic disaster. In Paris just weeks ago 195 nations, essentially every nation on the face of the earth agreed to a supposed legally binding climate change law that is being hailed as a “major leap for mankind“.

China’s President Jinping said terrorism is the common enemy of humanity. India’s Modi called for a united global effort to fight terrorism. Russia’s President Medvedev urged powers to unite after the Russian plane attack. If that were not enough all 15 members of the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted Frances resolution which calls for the uniting of powers to fight terrorism. Now we learn the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to target ISIS finances.

Anytime the nations of the world work to combine their efforts and resources that in itself documents a bold step toward the creation of a one world government system.

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