Next Generation 911 centers spy inside homes and businesses


According to an article in the Telegraph, Houston County’s $46.5 million dollar 911 center allows police to spy inside homes and businesses.

“If the alarm goes off at your business, 911 operators will be able to view a live video stream from the security surveillance system and tell law enforcement what’s happening.”

 “And … we’ll be able to have video streaming like if a burglar alarm goes off at a store … We can see inside of the store and see who’s in there,” Houston County sheriff’s Capt. Ricky Harlowe said.

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Police to use FirstNet to spy inside homes

FirstNet or Next Generation 911 allows police to spy inside people’s homes, and businesses without a warrant.

Police don’t need a warrant because citizens and business owners have given their alarm companies permission to spy on their homes.

“What’s envisioned is allowing residents and business owners the option of allowing their alarm companies to share the live feed when an alarm goes off”, Houston County sheriff’s Capt. Ricky Harlowe, 911 center commander said.

FirstNet appears to be a national effort to spy inside people’s homes and businesses.

“A former city official with detailed knowledge of both the Seattle Police Department (SPD) project and the national effort says that, ultimately, FirstNet wil do 99% of what the SPD is trying to do;” that is, provide basic communications infrastructure for emergency responders that streamlines inter-agency communication.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only national surveillance program being ignored by the mass media. Last year, I warned everyone that DHS and law enforcement are also using VACCINE to turn CCTV into into national surveillance network. (Click here, here & here to find out more.)

FirstNet to use facial biometrics to identify everyone

According to a 2017, FirstNet ‘policy brief’, the company plans to help police identify criminal suspects through facial biometrics and iris scanning technologies. (To learn more about FirstNet’s facial biometrics click herehere & here.)

Below, is a list of public events where FirstNet has been used by police.

Unfortunately this list will keep growing, unless the public wakes up and demands an end to police surveillance.

Do you feel safer, knowing police can use FirstNet to secretly identify you and family? Do you feel safer knowing that police can use FirstNet to identify you everywhere you go?

Police cars to have real-time video access inside homes and businesses

According to Lt. Michael Stark, one of law enforcement’s challenges regarding real-time streaming video is “interoperability between systems. Video systems and the software used to view and operate them are not always compatible with other systems. A school district, stadium, mall or other business may have a state-of-the-art video surveillance system in place; however, due to software incompatibility, they may not be able to share that system with another agency” 

A 2013 article in Crosscut warned, that police cruisers would eventually be able to receive live FirstNet videos.

This isn’t science fiction,  it’s only a matter of time before every police car will be spying inside homes and businesses in real-time. 

 Police use FirstNet at fish & game checkpoints

FirstNet also claims to be like the U.S. Postal Service conceptually. Perhaps, I am mistaken but I do not recall spying inside people’s homes and businesses being their model.

According to Wikipedia, a 1792 law guaranteed the sanctity of personal correspondence, and provided the entire country with low-cost access to information on public affairs, while establishing a right to personal privacy.

Which is the exact opposite of what FirstNet does. FirstNet’s business model has all the earmarks of being a DHS, NSA, FBI or CIA ‘front‘.

FirstNet is actually a corporate/government collaboration

“This public-private partnership will also spur innovation and create over ten thousand new jobs in this cutting-edge sector” U.S.Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said. 

“We’ve been really pleased with the interaction and collaboration we’ve had” FirstNet CTO Jeff Bracther said.  (To find out more about FirstNet and Verzon’s collaboration click here & here.)

It doesn’t get any plainer than that. FirstNet or Next Generation 911 is really only about one thing, corporate/government spying!

4 thoughts on “Next Generation 911 centers spy inside homes and businesses

  1. So don’t sign up for any BS “security” services like ADT and don’t let anyone have access to the video cameras in your home if you have any. Problem solved.

      1. none of mine are hooked up to any server or internet

        just MY Hard drive and even the recording device isn’t easily found

  2. ““This public-private partnership will also spur innovation and create over ten thousand new jobs in this cutting-edge sector” U.S.Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said.”

    Oh yes! This is a great job. I can’t wait to apply. Working for Big Brother. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Such an honest days work and a great service to my countrymen.

    Remember: Jobs, jobs, JOBS! The only ones that are available are the ones that serve Big Brother’s interests. All other jobs get outsourced or given to H1B visas and illegal immigrants.

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