University with close ties to DHS claims, ShotSpotter saves lives


The University of California San Francisco-East Bay (UCSF) in California, recently published a press release on the American College of Surgeons website. It’s titled ‘Automatic Acoustic Gunshot Sensor Technology May Benefit Shooting Victims.’

The press release, claims law enforcement can locate gunshot victims faster using ShotSpotter (SST).  

“Our key finding was that the use of these acoustic gunshot sensors showed promise as a system that may benefit gunshot victims,” said lead study author Magdalene A. Brooke, MD, a general surgery resident at University of California San Francisco-East Bay.”

Why would a bunch of surgeons and doctors publish a press release about SST’s?

The answers, may surprise you.

Universities across the country are working with DHS

The UCSF has a close relationship with DHS.

Last year, the UCSF named Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, ‘Person Of The Year’.

And the UCSF police department has a close relationship with DHS.

“USCF’s Homeland Security & Emergency Management Divison is responsible for implementing advanced emergency management protocols in support of UCSF’s Emergency Plan, coordinating UCSF’s Emergency Operations Centers, and providing all hazards emergency management and training, homeland security risk assessment, mitigation planning, business continuity planning and technology support for the UCSF Emergency Operations Center.”

A Google search for ‘University of California San Francisco homeland security grants’, revealed that UCSF has received millions in grants from DHS.

Can we trust any studies written by colleges or universities?

That’s hard to answer, but when more than 200 colleges and universities are designated DHS, National Centers of Academic Excellence, it is hard not be suspicious.

Publishing a biased study condoning, SST’s on the ‘largest organization of surgeons in the world’s’ website, is certainly cause for alarm. But who cares, SST’s might save lives right?

As you will see, there is more to SST’s than saving lives.

SST’s are used to spy on everyone

image credit: Cal News

Last year, I warned everyone that spying SST’s are coming to a city near you.

According to SST’s Flex datasheet, police use CCTV cameras and SST’s to spy on entire cities and towns.

Below, is a list of things SST’s are capable of…

“The goal isn’t to stop gunfire but to make it clear to the residents of that area that the police are listening…” ShotSpotter CEO Ralph Clark said. 

Another problem I have with UCSF’s press release, is how they claim that SST”s are a standard surveillance policing tool.

“We found that gunshot victims whom we could connect to a gunshot sensor activation experienced decreased prehospital time and emergency medical service on-scene times compared with those who were presumably discovered due to standard policing methods,” Dr. Brooke said. 

First off, there is nothing standard about police using SST’s to spy on everyone. And secondly, DHS and the ATF are using SST’s and SmartNodes to create a network of spying street lights, that will rival the United Kingdom as the most surveilled people in the world. (Click here to find out more about SmartNodes.)

The real problem with this press release, is how law enforcement and the mass media will use it to justify installing more SST’s across the country.

4 thoughts on “University with close ties to DHS claims, ShotSpotter saves lives

  1. Another bill of goods we get to pay for. This crap doesn’t work worth a crap, they tried here in Chicago, is expensive and is just more corrupt crony capitalism.

  2. ‘Automatic Acoustic Gunshot Sensor Technology May Benefit Shooting Victims.’

    Only if it can remove bullets and patch up wounds.


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