A video of militants firing on children fleeing battle in East Ghouta

A video showing two children fleeing Eastern Ghouta in the night through a humanitarian corridor. A girl and a boy managed to escape through the humanitarian corridor on Friday night with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) being able to pick them and organize cover as the militants were shooting at them. 

Two Syrian soldiers were at the crossing point between the Wafidin area and Eastern Ghouta talking about two kids coming to their direction. A boy and a girl later said to be a brother and his sister, reached the soldiers, while crackles of gunfire started reverberating from behind, with white beams of bullets shining overhead. In another sequence of the video, the two children were brought into a room, where officers tried to calm them down and asked them where they came from. When asked about their parents, the kids said they were gunned down by the rebels.

The militants operating in Eastern Ghouta continue shelling and prevent the humanitarian operations from being implemented. There are also rumors that they are going to attack a humanitarian convoy that is now in the process of sending by the UN Staff.

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