Wartime Washington Lives In Luxury…Guess Who Pays The Bills?

Streamed live on Apr 26, 2016 by RonPaulLibertyReport

9/11 has been a windfall for the Washington, D.C. area. Not only has government exploded, but all those with enormous salaries who do business with Washington as well. The richest counties in the country are adjacent to Washington. The peddlers of fear clean up while the rest of us pay the bill. How do they do it? Today’s special guest is American Conservative Magazine Contributing Editor Kelley Vlahos.

One thought on “Wartime Washington Lives In Luxury…Guess Who Pays The Bills?

  1. “Federal tax payer money.”
    Unless one is doing work for a federal entity, therefore liable to pay federal taxes, NO money should be payed.
    Learn how to file the information form(tax form), and STOP funding the criminal activities of DC.
    Rebut the assumption that you earned wages, income, salary, period.

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