2 thoughts on “We Gather To Restore Our Freedom! Reclaim The Constitution! Repeal The Patriot Act & Abolish The NSA

  1. it can be done..but you need several million americans white, black, Spanish, Russian even Chinese born here.. who refuse to be slaves..to kill them all.. you know whom I mean..and we can restart this once republic..run by men and women with some brains..and intelligence..its not such a problem..they are the problem..wall street suits..nsa.. the whole cabal of shit fer brains who try too run this circus called the united snakes..into the ground.

  2. are we sure thats the real kucinich or did they pull a paul mccartney? john lennon song “the walrus” or was it called “walrus” i heard was about what happened to paul and later was what got lennon killed. twenty years ago i would have thought impossible but with cloning it doesn’t seem so far fetched.

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