‘We will bust through the border with force’…

Citizen Free Press

Todd Bensman with exclusive video from Tapachula, Mexico — a border city with Guatemala.

Citizen Free Press

7 thoughts on “‘We will bust through the border with force’…

  1. Entrance to this country by force is an act of war. Dumbo Joe wants to disarm law abiding citizens take their 1A and 2A rights and give away the country. Now that’s seriously an act of treason, lets get this crap over with once and for all. That whole administration has to go right now, however it happens, but right now.

  2. Bazzzinga ..thats the sound you might hear , and you might not .
    its when you don’t hear it, that there’s a leaking problem to deal with

  3. That guy in the first vid was handed a script. The latest instruction given him: Play tough. He ain’t behavin’ that way on his own. Georgie Soros, Jews for Immigration, The U.N., and all the alphabet agencies that want a one-world homogenization helped write that script. They are comin’ after freedom and freedom has no intention of goin’ away. Freedom is life. Freedom is truth. Freedom is destiny; it is the past, the present, and the future. Freedom is un-doable. It exists like thought, and breath. It only has one opposite: SLAVERY. And that opposite is no option for a free man or woman.


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